Oh, oh…Ontario Liberals kept an enemies list


Not only did the Ontario Liberals just get caught (see here) trying to pressure the Speaker to change his ruling, use prorogation to get out of Dodge when the scandals grew too hot but also kept a list of reporters who were off-side:

ontario liberal enemies listAwaiting with anticipation to read the Star’s Susan Delacourt next 4 straight pieces on the Ontario Liberal’s enemies list the same as she did while clutching her pearls with the Conservative one (see here).

And just so you know where McGuinty’s right-hand man Don Guy ended up, he’s now an adviser to BC Liberal premier Christy Clark (see here). Lucky us huh?


8 Responses to “Oh, oh…Ontario Liberals kept an enemies list”

  1. Liz J Says:

    I think the Liberals and their media maggots will be learning the meaning of backfire, first robocalls and now this.
    It’s a kind of situation comedy, maybe the CBC could do a skit.

  2. beachdude Says:

    Now leave old “Smoky” Delacourt alone…we all know the Liberals and their supporters are a sad bunch nowadays. They look like they are going to lose a few of the upcoming by-elections in Ontario and the golden boy has proved he needs adult supervision on the road. BTW- I am still waiting for any mention of JT’s pot stance in the Toronto Star.

  3. Ian Says:

    There’s a byection next Thursday in Ontario and the polls indicate that the PC candidate has a 14 point lead in McGuinty’s former riding in Ottawa. If he wins it will be the first Conservative since 87 or something and send a real strong signal to the Liberals. It looks like the Liberals will be hard pressed to owin in any of the ridings that they vacated like rats from a sinking ship.

  4. Sean M Says:

    i still hear people in BC saying the BC Liberals “aren’t really like the federal Liberals”, laughable and tragic. Liberals, “progressives” are masters in the art of deception. It’s nice to know that corrupt Ontario Liberals/progressives are now infesting the Premiers office in BC, wouldn’t expect anything less from that fraud artist, Kristy Klark. It seems that being a “progressive” politician in this country allows for corruption and thuggery in one jurisdiction, and when the poop hits the fan and the stench of corruption becomes overwhelming, then simply move to another jurisdiction and repeat. Tragic. Thank heaven for the internet and sites like BC Blue, otherwise stories like this would never see the light of day.

  5. Liz J Says:

    If the Conservatives win Dolty McGuinty’s riding of Ottawa South his brother David may need therapy since he represents the riding federally. It’s time for people there to stop the brain free voting Liberal which is already rampant in too many Toronto ridings.

    • Ian Says:

      I heard a clip on the radio of the Liberal John Fraser talking to someone at their door and she said, “we always vote Liberal, don’t worry”. I would at least give Fraser a piece of my mind if I was a Liberal. This woman basically told him that no matter how many scandals the Liberals are involved in, no matter how many lies they tell or how much money they steal from taxpayers, they will get her vote, “don’t worry” even though there is a sizeable lead in the polls, it would not surprize me one bit if the Liberals held this riding in Ottawa. The media in Ontario is doing their part in making sure they don’t make too much noise during this byelection campaign that would paint the Liberals in a negative way.

  6. Liz J Says:

    One thing we know for sure Elections Canada is not on their enemy list, they’ve absolved the also-rans still owing of their indebtedness. Remembering this is the same body who went with media in tow to raid Conservative offices.
    Bully, just bully.

  7. Dl Says:

    Nothing is beyond the pale for the Ontario Libs.

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