Ottawa Citizen commits voter fraud!


Oh, the irony (see here) of the Ottawa Citizen running an Elections Ontario ad stating the wrong date for one provincial by-election.

How many people will have not voted due to this error?

I’ll be looking for the Council of Canadians (see here) to take the Citizen to court for electoral fraud for this obvious voter-suppression tactic.


4 Responses to “Ottawa Citizen commits voter fraud!”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Given the polling results it appears there’s extreme concern among Liberal supporters for Dalty McGuinty’s Ottawa South riding going to the PC’s. When Liberals panic we can expect anything. Recalling Paul Martin in panic mode when he made his last frenetic trek across Canada telling us only Liberals had Canadian values, Stephen Harper did not.

    • beachdude Says:

      Watching the train wreck called Minister Glen Murray running around yesterday, spouting anything and everything was just too funny as I was waiting for his head to explode, meanwhile the premier is in hiding.

  2. beachdude Says:

    Get Clayton Ruby on it……with the help of “polling expert”, Frank Graves!!

  3. MadMacs of Bytown Says:

    Delicious irony. From the home of super sleuths M&M (you know, scratch the shiny and you’ll find brown stuff inside) comes what one radio guest termed “massive accidental robocall”.

    Makes one wonder how many voters might have tried to act on the ad and not gone back when the actual voting day came. Amazing how the above noted correction appeared online just about the time callers were flooding the airwaves; don’t newspaper people read their own product? Proof proofreader required.

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