Photo: NDP’s nomination candidate McQuaig posing with dictator Chavez


Please, please Lord let the Toronto Star’s Linda McQuaig win the NDP nomination.


11 Responses to “Photo: NDP’s nomination candidate McQuaig posing with dictator Chavez”

  1. Ian Says:

    She looks stupid with that big grin on her mug.

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    Birds of a feather……

  3. Brad maynard Says:

    Leave her alone. She’s done what most of us wish we could do: meet God. (Sarc)

  4. E Mac Says:

    Dumb and Dumber!

    • Alain Says:

      What did you expect? This is after all the NDP. I’ll admit there is very little difference these days between the NDP and the Liberal Party, since both provide a welcome mat for the lunatic socialist fringe. As a Canadian I honestly find extremely embarrassing the level to which these political parties have sung. It reflect poorly on the intelligence of Canadians in general.

  5. Liz J Says:

    No surprise here, the NDP were all worried about the Taliban prisoners over and above the safety and bravery of our own forces. The “prisoners” they were all worried about are the same people who when set free would be busy setting roadside bombs to kill our forces.

  6. Brrr Says:

    I’ve got no use for the Star, McQuiag, or the NDP, but it serves no purpose to call Chavez a dictator. He was democratically elected several times with majorities our Prime Minister(s) could only dream of. Calling him a dictator is every bit as whacky as the people who call Harper one.

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