“North Pole lake” story proven a lie – Media Party refuse to retract

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Six days ago, the story that claimed a huge lake had appeared in the North Pole due to global warming was shown to be untrue (see here) yet these Media Party members still have it posted on their websites:

Global “Ice at North Pole melts, forms lake”

CTV “Time-lapse video shows lake forming at North Pole”

CBC “North pole turned into lake from global warming”

Postmedia “The North Pole is a lake about to be hit by a monster cyclone”

And the brainiacs at Media Party HQ can’t figure out why no one trusts them any more.

Also today: CTV was taken to task by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council for refusing to correct their story on a Palestinian dying in an Israeli prison (see here)


8 Responses to ““North Pole lake” story proven a lie – Media Party refuse to retract”

  1. Ian Says:

    The media snobs on the left are so smug when they call Sun News “Fox News North”. Fortunately outlets like Sun and Fox give a more balanced view of the news otherwise we’d all be a bunch of ill informed idiots. Outlets in the MSM are too full of themselves to ever admit they were wrong (or deliberately misleading) so I’m not holding my breath for a retraction.

    • Anonymous Says:

      My best advise is don’t.

    • princesscuddles Says:

      Way too many of these GTA elitists sitting on their arses sipping Café Lattes and tweeting all day rather than perform serious jornalism

  2. ohboy Says:

    Hey I think media incorporated is getting bolder by the day and its showing up more and more with their ever more disingenuous handling of the news.
    What with media members running for office…, the manipulation that is a non-stop feature now days, the targeting of opposing views and the downright refusal to put in print anything detrimental to their world view… . I say “have at it “, even joe uninformed is starting to catch on…and you know that can’t be good for the bottom line $.

    The old saying holds true in ” give them enough rope…… ”

    Irrelevancy is fast taking the shyster media and it will go the way of the obsolete in short order.
    I can’t think of a better crowd for this to happen to.

    • Jen Says:

      YEP old boy, the shyster media are caught between a ROCK and a HARD PLACE- no way out for them but down.
      The media belongs to the liberals and now to the ndp and greens and the media better be in their best behaviour with all three parties..

      Here is an example: Pat Martin told Evans Solomon that the liberals took 56Billion dollars from the employment
      Insurance (EI) fund which we know is true. And instead of Evans saying something to the liberals, he remained quiet and ignorant – in other words EVANS couldn’t say a word to the liberals since he had to protect them the liberals, as well. Yes, Evans has put himself between a rock and a hard place where he will remain as well as other reporters until they decide to tell the truth.

      • Ian Says:

        The Liberal Media is up to the same tricks in the US. For almost a year now, after the attack on the US embassy at Benghazi that killed the Ambassador and 3 others, the media was running with the White House’s story about a 911 protest gone bad. Never mind that Fox pointed out how this could not have been a protest, because it seemed very well coordinated. Now in the wake of the recent closures of embassies in the middle east, outlets like CNN are being embarrassed into questioning the whole Benghazi affair. Unfortunately nobody really pays attention to Canada so our media can get away with protecting the Left with impunity. It has to be the people who want to know the truth that have to take the CBCs of the country to task. I myself like to write emails to people like Kady O’Malley to let her know that I want honest and fair news reporting from our media. Not sure if my message is sinking in however, but I keep at it.

    • Ian Says:

      The problem is not going to go away. Sun News has lost its CRTC bid to be considered a mandatory station that must be carried by all cable/satellite companies. They lost $17 mil last year which their parent company has called “unsustainable”. What does that mean? No more Sun News? Last night Sun had a report on the recent Al Quds day protest in Toronto. Believe it or not, they were the only network there. So the kill the jews speech, and the people carrying illegal Hezbolla flags was a non issue to CBC, CTV, Global etc.

      • princesscuddles Says:

        The most upsetting thing is now the pick and choose editing done by the MSM. For example, CBC was the first news outlet to report the abuse of power by Chief Teresa Spence on her reserve. The story aired before Levant’s report on Sun News. Why was the original story buried did it not fit the “poor put upon native” narrative trumped by the progressive media.

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