Globe outs CP reporter Joan Bryden as Ontario Liberal media shill

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In a great run-down on ex-Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty’s gas plant scandal and the subsequent released Liberal-insider’s emails by the Globe and Mail’s Karen Howlett, comes this juicy tidbit:

Minutes after Mr. McGuinty made his surprise announcement that he was proroguing the legislature and stepping down after nine years in office, The Canadian Press’s Ottawa bureau broke the story that he was planning a jump to federal politics. In the immediate aftermath, the leak helped divert attention from the controversial shutdown of the legislature, including committee hearings.

Five days later, Mr. McGuinty’s advisers hatched plans on how to handle his resignation. Mr. Guy talked about keeping the federal leadership story alive for a bit longer.

“I think we also leak tomorrow that the Premier has been taking calls this weekend and is discussing the leadership with his family with an intention of making a decision early this week,” he says in an e-mail on Oct. 20.

At the same time, however, Mr. Morley was discussing plans for killing the story. Shortly before Mr. McGuinty is interviewed by television host Steve Paikin next Tuesday, he says, they should give the story to CP reporter Joan Bryden – who got the initial leak – that the premier has decided against running federally.

“She’s been promised the story either way the decision goes, so he can’t blurt it out in a scrum,” he says.

CP reported last Oct. 23 that Mr. McGuinty wouldn’t be challenging Justin Trudeau after all. (see here)

Keep in mind the Media Party freak-out when it was found out that the PMO kept a list of reporters that were unfriendly to the Conservative government like the Star’s Susan Delacourt who wrote 4 straight pieces on it plus was referenced in an editorial (see here).

Just don’t expect the same outrage from Delacourt on Bryden being exposed as a fellow Liberal media conduit.

Also: See earlier post from April 2011 where I catch Bryden getting leaked an Auditor General report’s 1st draft so she can use it to damage the Conservatives here

Update: The story handed to CP reporter Keith Leslie from the Ontario Liberals to smear Hudak’s wife here

h/t Sun News’ Lorrie Goldstein

Update: CP is feeling the heat as their Ottawa Bureau Chief is out defending Bryden



11 Responses to “Globe outs CP reporter Joan Bryden as Ontario Liberal media shill”

  1. WTF Says:

    Wouldn’t it be more interesting to know which reporters are NOT Liberal media shills?

  2. Liz J Says:

    Do we need any more evidence of the network of Liberal journalists who are fed stories at the most opportune times. They’re Liberal operatives,journos for Liberals all else they “cover” is spreading any dirt they can dig up on Conservatives.
    Can we ever forget the shameful embarrassment to the country when the Lib/Left media accused the PM of pocketing a communion wafer at the funeral of a former Governor general? They’re a pack of desperate tools and fools.

  3. Read then shower | Blue Like You Says:

    […] BC Blue has more. […]

  4. Jen Says:

    I read the emails pertaining to the plans of ways and means in covering Daltons scandals re to the gas plants, ornge, and others.
    The people of Ontario should feel sick to their stomach for being lied and manipulate too. Some reporters who went along with the idea of conspiring in the cover up to protect Dalton and the liberals should be fired instantly.
    Plans were made to carry out an attack on Tim Hudak wife -Deb Hutton.

  5. Ian Says:

    Just read a few of the emails in the Globe’s “behind the curtain” article. A couple of them bragged about how he media was giving McGuinty a break by not asking him questions (at the time) about the canceled gas plants, but threw him a few softball questions about other stuff. There were emails about the prorogation that prove he did it to turn down the heat. What a snake in the grass.
    I’d like to know why the major news networks don’t have this plastered all over their websites. The stuff that went on is very damaging to the Libs, but the majority of Ontarians will hear about it. Oh but they were all over a story about Rob Ford looking drunk at a Toronto festival yesterday. Saw the video taken and he looked fine. He had to come out later and say that he had a couple of beers but wasn’t drunk.

    • Liz J Says:

      Could it be the major news networks and printed rags have been accomplices by being aware of the ass covering by the Liberals and helping them, acting as protectorates? Betting they’d be all too willing to push some story about Deb Hutton if they thought it might take the focus away from the Liberal scandals and sleaze which is corruption by any other name. There’s no bar too low for them to crawl under.

  6. Allan Says:

    We need these blogging tories to stay on top of the liberal media ‘sleaze’ Keep up the good work.

  7. Liz J Says:

    This stuff shouldn’t be allowed to fade to black. The Liberal government of McGuinty, now passed on to Wynne who was a key operative in that government, has to be the sleaziest , most lying pack ever to govern not only in the province but the entire country. We thought Adscam was a biggie, it’s no where near the gas plant fiasco/rip off for votes McGuinty and Ministers tried to sneak past the public. Then to add to the scum his Ministers resigned along with himself as the the S**t hit the fan. Sadly the Wynne led government is still running around the province passing out money for programs and we cannot afford. There’s nothing that will take away the stink for anyone who has a functioning brain in Ontario which hopefully is a majority.
    Aside from SNN, the mediais a write-off.

  8. Dl Says:

    Ontarians have a most intolerable government. Yet, 30% or more of the voting citizens tolerate it. I bet they get in again.

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