Globe allows Trudeau spokesperson op-ed space to call Stephen Harper a ‘bigot’

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A column in the Globe and Mail written by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s Social Media Manager Ashley Martyn shows how far the Media Party will go to smear the Conservative Party and Stephen Harper:

“…he [Harper] secretly believes that gay people are second-class citizens.” (see here)

Nice huh, and here’s another example of Martyn’s brilliant communication:

trudeau martyn

Classless and childish but this is the type of person Trudeau has surrounded himself with.

Update: Martyn has now deleted her religious-bashing tweet (see here)

Update: Oh, oh looks like Martyn has a bit of a history mocking religious people

trudeau martyn

Keep in mind that Trudeau claims to be a practising Catholic.

Update: Globe scrubs Ashley Martyn’s “Trudeau Social Media Manager” title from op-ed after I exposed her tweets:

Ashley Martyn is a volunteer for Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

Editor’s note: an earlier version of this opinion piece incorrectly described the author’s role with Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada

Update: Oh, oh… looks like the Globe has some serious explaining to do as they had Martyn listed as a “community manager” for Trudeau on a previous op-ed they ran from her titled “Conservative attacks on Trudeau will backfire”

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7 Responses to “Globe allows Trudeau spokesperson op-ed space to call Stephen Harper a ‘bigot’”

  1. Liz J Says:

    This is nothing but vicious screed. The Globe obviously has descended further into tabloid journalism.
    If lies and innuendo is all they have to bolster their Shiny Boy they’ll soon fizzle out.

  2. Jen Says:

    Justin Trudeau accepted money from the aboriginal people for speaking engagement and instead of declining the money he took it to put into his bank account.
    The Mental health organization also gave money to Trudeau which he took instead of declining.

    Trudeau is trying to copy Obama but little does that empty head tells him that Obama is causing more problems to his country.

  3. Ian Says:

    I found a CBC article following the 2006 vote on a bill to return to the traditional definition of marriage while respecting the rights of same sex unions. This bill was defeated. The article noted a number of Conservatives had voted against the bill and even named them, john baird included. But woul only say that 13 Liberals voted with the Conservatives for the bill. The CBC was loathe to actually report fairly and name those 13 Liberals.

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    For you edifacation Ashley Martyn;
    big·ot (bgt)
    One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ

    There you have it Ashley, you are the bigot.
    Ad hominum attacks are for people with no facts to state.
    cheers Bubba Brown

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  6. SINAIPOST Says:

    […] Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s Social Media Manager Ashley Martyn thinks religious people are rather stupid. The above tweet was not her only dabble in this type of bigotry. Check out the following post from BC BLUE. […]

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    […] "interesting" views. As BC Blue has reported, his Social Media Manager (?) Ashley Martyn appears to have no respect and little tolerance for anyone who believes in God. A few days ago she tweeted this:Religious people are less […]

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