Canada Post paid Liberal David Dingwall almost $1M in secret contract work


Looks like the saga of ex-Liberal minister David Dingwall is far from over as La Press reports that:

Documents released last month after a lengthy investigation of the Information Commissioner of Canada show that a contract has actually been signed with Mr. Dingwall in the month of November 1997, and this office directly the [Canada Post] CEO at the time, George C.Clermont.

The contract provided for the payment of a sum of $ 15,000 per month in exchange for strategic advice in the areas of management and labor relations. The contract was renewed by Mr. Clermont and his successor until at least 2000, according to documents obtained. (see English translation here)

I will assume the minister in charge of Canada Post, Lisa Raitt will compel them to make these documents public and available to the RCMP if necessary.

Update: Postmedia has picked up this story which includes the NDP demanding Raitt look into it but she is refusing to do so (see here)


6 Responses to “Canada Post paid Liberal David Dingwall almost $1M in secret contract work”

  1. guffman Says:

    Give the guy a break – he’s entitled to his entitlements!!

  2. Liz J Says:

    Dinged again by Dingwall. Wonder if he charged them extra for gum?
    Have to wonder what it would be like for the Liberals if they didn’t have the support of the media.
    If the media were into the reporting of facts the so-called Senate scandals would pale in comparison to all the Liberal largesse passed out to their cronies and dead heads.

  3. Ian Says:

    This is a pretty big story, but the CBC and Toronto Star are conspicuous in their silence over this. 2 lousy articles, both actually the same article are all I can find. Then you have Ralph Goodale basically excusing Canada Post while saying Trudeau is all for accountability. Let’s face it, if Dingwall had been a Conservative Minister, there would be calls for a full investigation by the left.

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