Press Gallery member removed from Harper event by RCMP after altercation

chinese press gallery

For a perfect example of what the Ottawa Press Gallery is truly all about:

Li Xue Jiang, the Ottawa correspondent for the Chinese People’s Daily, had been offered one of five spots in which to ask a question of Harper…With no local reporter on hand Friday, the gallery reporters agreed Li would ask the question reserved for local reporters.

When Julie Vaux, the prime minister’s press secretary, attempted to talk with Li as he stood in line behind the microphone, a physical altercation ensued. (see here)

Think about that for a minute – the Ottawa Press Gallery not only accredited this ‘reporter’ from China’s state-run news organization, they then manipulated the system so this spy can do his Commie overlords’ bidding.


16 Responses to “Press Gallery member removed from Harper event by RCMP after altercation”

  1. Ian Says:

    No doubt the left will support him and call the PMO and the RCMP Harper’s goons.

  2. Alain Says:

    I liked the comment by Li that in a democracy this is not allowed. That was rich. That said I have to wonder if the whole thing wasn’t a set-up, since otherwise Li’s behaviour just does not make sense. Yes, I know it is stupid of me to expect anything from the Left to make sense.

  3. fhl Says:

    a set up

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    The Media Party and the Communist Party, sounds like a match alright.
    After all a positive trip to the North by the PM where he is well recived.
    Now we are seeing reports of “ugly incident mars PM’s Trip”
    Really rich the Chi-Com blotivating about “democracy”

  5. Lyndia Says:

    Isn’t this similar to the reporters’ setting up Harper et al on the campaign trail in 2011?

    • Liz J Says:

      The Press Gallery, the media in general can’t have much respect for their country when they constantly try to discredit their own democratically elected PM, it’s politics of the lowest order. They’d go to bat for some so-called journalist from Commie China over the PM of their own country.

  6. bertie Says:

    Why does PM Harper bring any press with him.They are all twisted lefties.Just use his own private photographer and local reporters.
    Nothing in the rule book saying he has to have these idiots with him wherever he goes.
    Or only bring sun reporters and journalists he can trust.NO CBC

  7. Liz J Says:

    BTW, who is the grand poobah of the press gallery who would allow this commie such status?
    Was Terry Mildewsi not there to do the twist, skew the facts?

    • BC Blue Says:

      I’ve asked a few Press gallery members who are tweeting on this topic like the Sun’s David Akin that question but of course none have responded.

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