Liberal’s new chief fundraiser part of Bronfman family who exploited tax loophole

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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau announced that his leadership fundraiser Stephen Bronfman is now the Liberal Party’s chief fundraiser:

Montreal businessman Stephen Bronfman will lead those fundraising efforts for the Liberal Party, CBC News has learned, and he will lay out his ideas at the caucus meeting on Wednesday.

The Bronfman name is one of the biggest in Canadian business — Stephen Bronfman’s grandfather built the Seagram liquor empire, making the family billionaires.

Bronfman runs the private investment firm Claridge Inc., and is a longtime family friend of Trudeau. Bronfman was one of the key players in Trudeau’s leadership campaign, helping to bring in more than $2 million, and now he has signed on to help the whole party.

Bronfman told CBC News that he’s excited for his new role and that in order for the party to be successful in fundraising, it needs to give Canadians a reason to donate.

“I think Justin is a reason but in this day and age, you have to offer more, so we have to rethink the way we do certain things,” Bronfman said. The party has to build on what it’s doing well but also do things differently, he added. “I think we’re bringing a different group of people, a different level of professionalism. We’ve learned from the past and today is a new day. We’ve got a big job to do and I think everyone’s pretty jazzed up to do it” (see here)

You’ll notice CBC’s Megan Fitzpatrick and Laura Payton missed mentioning that Bronfman benefited from a massive tax loophole when his family transferred a $2.2billion trust-fund to the US under the noses of the ’91 Mulroney government which the Liberals and Revenue Canada then covered-up (see here).

Hopefully the new shake-up inside the Conservative HQ and Harper’s office (see here) will start producing a decent counter-strategy against Trudeau and his Media Party shills on issues such as this one – long over due .

Update: Trudeau’s new fundraising chief inserts himself into ethnic politics on behalf of the Liberal Party:

“Stephen Harper has never been to Israel,” Stephen Bronfman said bluntly. “I took Justin there five years ago and he was referring at the end of the trip to Israel as we. So I thought that was pretty good.” (see here)

Some things never change in the Liberal Party – the big money players are still running it. Looking forward to Bronfman commenting on Trudeau praying in that mosque last week (see here)


10 Responses to “Liberal’s new chief fundraiser part of Bronfman family who exploited tax loophole”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Maybe Justin and his puppeteers better not count too heavily on the polls and start rolling out some policy before looking for cash support.

    It’s amusing to note how quickly the Liberal machine instructed their mouthpiece Justin to call for the recall of Parliament on the Syrian situation when the UN’s Ban Ki Moon prefers a peaceful solution. We know the Liberals and the NDP would love to have a recall and it’s not all about Syria.

    Justin is the weakest leader the Liberals have had, even worse than Dion, at least Dion had some experience, was tossed under the bus by his own party because he didn’t look good in the window. With their choice of Trudeau we know they’re all about window dressing, what’s in the store is not important.

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    Exactly Liz J, the Leader of the third place party gets way too much press.
    He is so lightweight he does make the language challenged Dion look downright good.
    Once again the Liberano family are trying to foist a lightweight leader on Canada.
    Out here in the West we remember his father only too well.
    The arrogance, the finger, the forcing of his multicult nightmare down our throats.
    Trudeau senior had an infantile understanding of economics, his spawn is even worse.

  3. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    The 1% are truly in charge in the Liberal Party,

  4. Ian Says:

    The Bronfman’s were in cahoots with Joe Kennedy during prohibition smuggling booze illegally into the US. We all know about the Kennedy legacy. It seems that on both sides of the border really don’t care what their Liberal politicians get up to.

  5. Sean M Says:

    I guess little Justy the “actor” is projecting some more of that “middle class” cred he’s always blabbering about. Who better to speak on behalf of the “middle class” of Canada than a couple of silver spooned millionaires like Trudeau and Bronfman… LOL!

  6. morri Says:

    meet the new crooks, same as the old crooks.

  7. brad Says:

    it will be amusing when that act of tax evasion becomes a conservative ad campaign. LOL

  8. Liz J Says:

    The Liberals are in friendly territory in PEI for their summer gabfest. They’ll all come away feeling very loved and full of lobster and spuds. We must be patient. Justin has promised policies by 2015, guess he doesn’t want any of the brilliant ideas handed to him from the bunkers to be stolen by the opposition.

  9. Dl Says:

    Under Paul Martin the Bronfmans had a 2 hour “meeting” with Finance and ducked $800 million in trust fund taxes. The Court of Queens Bench Judge claimed that the the law on this money transfer was “ambiguous” according to the lowly accountant from Winnipeg, if memory serves, who brought to light the Bronfman/lLiberal Government scandal under PM Chretien.

    Do you think any reader on here could get a break like the Bronfman’s did?

  10. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    Maybe the Bronfmans would like to sell pot when it becomes legal under Trudeau.

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