Media Party lets Trudeau slide on explaining what “significant response” to chemical attacks in Syria means

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Days later and not a single Media Party member has pressed Liberal leader Justin Trudeau to elaborate on his comments about the chemical attacks in Syria:

Earlier this week, Trudeau said Parliament should be recalled to discuss what role Canada should play as the international community prepared to respond on Syria. He said the use of chemical weapons is “unacceptable” and requires a “significant response.” (see here)

Think how sick the Ottawa Press Gallery is when they will shield Trudeau even while innocent people die.

When will they demand Trudeau spell it out – right after it happens again?


7 Responses to “Media Party lets Trudeau slide on explaining what “significant response” to chemical attacks in Syria means”

  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    “Significant response” could mean anything in this little fop’s world. Afterall , he never smoked a “significant” amount of dope either. Or so he claims

    Funny, isn’t it, that the media party would grill the PM irrelevantly about any potential dope use during a presser when talking about Syria, yet they refuse to press Trudeau to be more specific about what a “significant response” in Syria would encompass. But then, they are the same leftards in that pod.

  2. Liz J Says:

    It may be time for the great minds behind the Liberal curtain to haul their empty suit off stage until he can get his head cleared, if that is even possible. We don’t need such a mess of contradiction in charge of this country as PM. He ‘s presenting like a person who has no effing clue about much of anything.

  3. BDFT Says:

    It sounds to me that he waited until Obama mumbled something about significant responses and then parroted him. If he was leader (God forbid) of this country he would follow Obama around on everything he did.
    Rightly or wrongly (rightly, in my opinion) Harper’s response was much more decisive. The kind of response that a leader of Canada should give.

    • Michael Harkov Says:

      Even wrongly, it would it least be taking a stand. Sometimes being wrong is what happens when you lead from the front. Good and decisive leaders have learned from mistakes that happened when risks were taken and good judgement was thus learned, making future mistakes of judgement less likely. What has Trudeau ever risked anything significant in this regard EVER? What serious person could ever take this spoiled, dilettante, flipflopping little fop seriously as leadership material?

  4. wilson Says:

    Media Party learned their lesson when Trudope was asked about the Boston bombings…. don’t ask, he’s an airhead.
    note that social media everywhere has picked up on ‘Trudope’…he earned it.

  5. Ian Says:

    I notice that our leftwing media in Canada doesn’t have much to say about Obama’s lack of leadership on the Syrian issue. So they were full of praise when he took a tough tone and promised harsh consequences if Assad used chemical weapons, but are pretty silent now that he has backed off from his threats. His lack of leadership is blatant yet not much ia being aaid or written. Instead the Star prefers to write attack ads disguised as Opinion Editorials. Yeah the Liberals don’t use attack ads. They don’t need to when they have the media doing it for them.

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