Green Party’s Enbridge ‘scandal’ falls apart


Once again, Green Party leader Elizabeth May has proven herself a lying fool:

A Green Party of Canada plan for a blockbuster scandal appears to have been a dud.

On Wednesday, the Greens accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of secretly supporting the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline with more than $100 million in taxpayer money.

In response, the federal government produced newspaper articles from March showing the funding was no secret. (see here)

Not that the Media Party didn’t try its best to pretend May has an ounce of credibility left (see here).

Also: For more examples of May’s lies, see earlier posts here, here, here, here, and here



4 Responses to “Green Party’s Enbridge ‘scandal’ falls apart”

  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    From her leader and democratic issues within the Green Party, to BS like this, I can’t see how Green Party members aren’t tired of this harpy yet.

  2. Liz J Says:

    The Green party will be nothing more than a political comedy act with their present “leadership”. Anyone interested in wasting a vote on that nonsense really can’t be in touch with reality. Green is nothing more than an extension of the myth of global warming. Speaking of global warming, has anyone noticed how freaking cold it’s been in much of Canada for what passes for summer this year?

  3. Jen Says:

    Press Conference on Elizabeth Mays trip to Washington DC.

    Now tell me, why would an mp secretly meet with congressmen to speak against the very livelihood- the oilsands, that feeds this nation. Why would she speak against the very country that provides her with a living of $156.000 yearly.

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