Poll: Do Conservative voters agree with Obama on Syria bombing?

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Today from Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird:

Baird said Canada supports the position of the United States that a military response to Assad is warranted (see here)

I’m not seeing any support from Canadian Conservatives on this and was curious what an unscientific poll results would look like from people who read my blog site:


12 Responses to “Poll: Do Conservative voters agree with Obama on Syria bombing?”

  1. Pissedoff Says:

    No I do not support it, any more than I support Harper sending my money to the opposition to support the terrorists Al Qaeda and the muslim brotherhood. So much for protecting Christians outside Canada the lying liberal that he is.

  2. Ken Moore Says:

    Perhaps this is a fight that a gun should be brought to, but I won’t give that gun to someone irresponsible. With that in mind, no action is better than any action.

  3. Kelowna Lorne Says:

    Republicans should all vote “present”. Let the Democrats own this one, red line and all.

  4. Exiled Maritimer Says:

    All we can hope for is that neither side runs out of ammo before they run out of rabid animals. On another blog Kerry said that certain countries offered to pay the US expenses. Just how high would they have to hike oil prices before we paid them back. A pox on all their houses. Evacuate the innocent christians and other minorities and leave the pigs to fight it out.

  5. Bec Says:

    I don’t support ‘O’ for anything but this maniac must be flattened. The way ‘O’ has handled this is a joke, the way that he discusses it, laughable but I cannot help but think of another fruitcake who killed his own people. The world stood idly by then and so these mass murdering freaks need to be brought to their knees or at least have 2 weeks notice that it could happen in our kumbaya world. (sarc off).

  6. ohboy Says:

    Stephen Harper & his Conservatives should realize by now that the current administration south of the border thinks sharing is you having the toboggan uphill all the while expecting you to smile ’cause you get to rub shoulders with the big guys.
    Canada has no business being involved in this debacle…siding with the present regime in the WH that is only looking for support to both legitimize and cover for their nefarious actions.
    There is no honour in the Obama administration… little in the GOP rinos, and certainly non in the present middle east muslim kleptocracies.
    Governments get old Mr Harper. They get political alzheimers as well. Don’t allow Canada to get drawn in by the dishonesty in the white house…you WILL alienate your voting base.

    Keep your nose out of volatile situations that could blow up in your face/Canada’s face.
    The US has shown time and again over the last 50 years that it lacks the political will to bring any armed incursion to a decisive victory.

    No good will come of this at this time.

  7. Ian Says:

    I don’t think we’ll get drawn in especially if the so called proof is so shaky. I think Harper is being a good neighbor by offering our support but has said on a couple of occasions already that we are not getting involved. The CBC was trying to stir the pot as usual today by continuing to ask Baird whether we were going to get involved. He phrased his answer by using the term, “not at this time” or words to that effect, which got the reporter all in a tizzy about what he really meant etc.

  8. Michael Harkov Says:

    Absolutely not.

  9. Sean M Says:

    No! I absolutely do not support Oblahblah’s war. The whole bizarre mess is so confused and convoluted it’s difficult to know what is actually going on. One thing I know for sure is that both Obarry and Kerry are accomplished liars, not to be trusted. Despite the lame, phony excuses and embarrassing posturing by Obarry I have yet to hear any real evidence or benefit for America’s involvement in a Syrian civil war. Oblahblah is an affirmative action, incompetent fool who seems to side with the Muslim Brotherhood and AlQueda at every opportunity… the man is a dangerous incompetent enabler of the enemy, and I can’t see how turning the American airforce into the AlQueda airforce is going to change that perception. Canada should avoid getting roped into Barry’s nefarious inexplicable ME agenda… the man is dangerously inept.

  10. morri Says:

    americans going to war to aid their jihad enemies. what is wrong with this picture???

  11. Liz J Says:

    We better take note, Obama is to the US what Justin Trudeau would be to Canada, out of his depth, not up to the job.

  12. I.M. Says:

    When two groups of your enemies are determined to kill each other, you don’t pick a side. You get out of the way.

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