Media Party refuse to ask Trudeau and Mulcair to comment on Syria bombing

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A week later and the Media Party apparently still can’t find either the Liberal or NDP leader to get them on the record supporting or condemning US president Barack Obama on his plan to bomb Syria.

I guess no Press Gallery member follows Trudeau on Twitter as that would let them know he’s at a fellow Liberal MP’s BBQ today:


Waiting until the 2015 election to ask like good little shills.

Update: Biggest story in the world yet Postmedia’s Tobi Cohen doesn’t ask Mulcair about Obama bombing Syria in this sit-down interview (see here)

Update: The Star’s Bruce Campion-Smith also refuses to ask Mulcair about Syria during his interview with Mucair (see here)


8 Responses to “Media Party refuse to ask Trudeau and Mulcair to comment on Syria bombing”

  1. Jen Says:

    Do not expect the media to attack Obama on his credibility since they do not have any credibility either.
    Obama knows dam well that the dumb-ass media will protect him or else he will be all over them.

  2. Roy Says:

    stay on this guys even if we have to et out there and make the media pay attention . I know the late great andrew Breitbart would have done something to make the media pay attention to it.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    John McCullum was he not the Liberal that did not know the name of the horse (car) he rode in on?
    Perfect foil for Junior True-dope

  4. Bec Says:

    They cannot put THEIR foot in their mouths when their miracle man south of the 49th is doing it for them, boot first.

    I would really like to know how they feel after seeing the Nazi like assassinations though.
    I mean after all, these two have all but endorsed this generation of despots in general haven’t they?

    Whether we disagree, agree or are on the fence, we do expect LEADERS to have a position and address those positions. These two are pathetic!!. The media are abysmal but we already knew that….

  5. Roger Says:

    Remember, Justin was outraged when jason Kenny called the brutal hacking to death and drowning of muslims females as “Barbaric” and has no place in canada under Shariah law whic CAIR canada crusaded for. Justin did squat when 100’000 Syria died over the last 30 months, so why expect him to opine on about a 1000 muslim children being gassed.
    Trudeau Sr loved Communist Cuba even though Cuab jailed gays with AIDS to rot and die, Che admired white people as smart and inventive while he said that the “N”‘s were lazy and useless. Hmmmmmm, and the Public Sector Union membera and Teachers love vacationing in Cuba with OUT tax dollars to prop-up Communism. No wander the Leftist liberals are buddies with the islamofascists.

  6. Sean M Says:

    The media don’t want to set up their candidate Trudope for future embarrassment, no telling what that idiot would blather on about, best to leave the dummy alone with his bong hanging out with the “Macedonians” (who?) until his radical handlers can figure out the best response for Justy to parrot… probably some regurgitation from the Obarry Hussien script, like, “we’re going to be like transparent, dude, and we want to listen to the middle class, or something, and bring hope and change, man, like a just society and junk”… The Trudope media sure don’t want to interfere with lispy Justines aggressive, summer long “ethnic” pandering parade. Best to leave little Justy alone with his bong rather then risk losing support from some “ethnic group” he pandered to earlier, or will pander to, or is pandering to right now. I mean, little Justy is the man for all of Canada’s tribes, even the most radical, they vote too.

  7. Liz J Says:

    Of course they will not ask Trudeau or Mulcair, they know Trudeau would babble and garble on with a non-answer and Mulcair would put the ball in the UN’s court. PM Harper is not going off with guns a-blazing, not his style, he’ll do his homework. Obama is a failure, the US is not in good hands, he’s appearing to be dangerously stupid in the Office of the Presidency of the US.

  8. wilson Says:

    Remember what a fool Trudope made of himself when Mansbridge asked him to comment on the Boston bombing…….. ‘root causes’
    the Libluvin’ media won’t make that mistake again,
    and they certainly don’t want any comment coming from Mulcair leaving the Prince with no choice but respond.

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