Liberals received $1,860,000 from Quebec corruption links

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Of the $2,180,000 donated from companies and people charged with corruption in Quebec, the federal Liberal Party was given $1,860,000 of that total (see here) and as the chart above shows, culminating in a massive dump of cash in 2003 just as donation caps were introduced.

Wonder if Elections Canada is investigating the Liberals? RCMP?


9 Responses to “Liberals received $1,860,000 from Quebec corruption links”

  1. Pissedoff Says:

    The EC arm of the liberal party, no way. The RCMP?

  2. Ken M. Says:

    Any idea why the NDP doesn’t show on this list of national parties? The logic of association suggests a little more looking by the anti-corruption force would have led to some Liberals in jail too.

  3. Bec Says:

    This is what happens when a generation gets too comfy-cushy with those entitlements, they will CHEAT to get more. Quebec is a textbook example of why socialism is rot and the fact that they were a vibrant, charming, moral province pre the equalization gravy train speaks volumes.

    Knowing honest successful people that left their homes and careers because of the corruption, greased palm expectations speaks volumes about what the mess this province became. PQ federal leaders ARE NOT a good choice when this mentality has become a dysfunctional disease.


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  5. Liz J Says:

    Quebec, the reluctant province for everything but the dole called equalization. If ever there was an example of a reason to end equalization Quebec is it. No matter what is done to appease them they remain unfriendly and unwelcoming to people who are English speakers who have left and are still leaving that place. They are rich in resources, they do not need handouts to spawn political games and corruption and continue to spit in our faces.


    […] Liberals received $1860000 from Quebec corruption links – BC Blue […]

  7. Liz J Says:

    If this is OK with EC we have to assume it’s A-OK or EC isn’t doing it’s job and is letting it roll because it went to Liberals. EC are always tuned in to any and all matters concerning the CPC, nothing escapes their scrutiny where conservatives are involved.

  8. wilson Says:

    Looks like Liberal donors got the heads up that Chretien was going to change the limits for (corporations, unions, non-profit groups) in Jan 2004, check out the spike in donations in 2003…. ‘back date that cheque my friend’

  9. Bubba Brown Says:

    Gee ya think some doughnut eatin’ RCMP type is gonna go kick their door down?
    Naw only happens to english speakin’ Albertans.

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