Calgary mayor Nenshi asks Sun’s Levant “When did you stop beating your wife?”


In an online exchange with Sun News’ Ezra Levant, the mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi showed a serious lack of judgement and class by throwing out the political ‘no-winner’ adage “When did you stop beating your wife?” as shown here:


Besides being potentially libelous as it was sent out across the internet without any context (retweeted immediately many times by Nenshi’s supporters) this is hardly something to ‘joke’ about.

I have personally been smeared during a political campaign with a whispered rumour about beating my wife that was orchestrated by my opponents and which I found out about through friends.  Even years later it still gets brought up in conversation as especially in the age of the internet, these vile tactics stick around.

I often wonder if my ex-wife still gets asked as well?


27 Responses to “Calgary mayor Nenshi asks Sun’s Levant “When did you stop beating your wife?””

  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    I’m betting that Ezra is going to just laugh and shrug it off for the leftard non-answer to his question that it was. 😀

  2. Krysta Meekins Says:

    Yikes. Totally inappropriate, because I doubt everyone knows that adage. Particularly because it wasn’t even applied correctly as a response to Ezra’s specific question. Ezra asked for disclosure of whether or not something happened – something a lot of us are wondering about.

  3. Guffman Says:

    To use a Kevin O’Leary euphemism, I hope Ezra sues Nenshi “into the stone age”.
    Nenshi should seriously know better than to put something that inappropriate on twitter.

    • Liz J Says:

      Nenshi appears to be a big mouth who is so full of himself he thinks he can joke around and poke fun at any and all Conservatives and everyone will love him for it.
      Calgarians need to smarten up and give this fool the boot before he does more damage to their image, he’s beyond just an embarrassment.

  4. ianinamman Says:

    Classy guy that Nenshi

  5. Lorraine White Says:

    Like it or not he is going to be the Calgary mayor for the next few years, as nobody wants to run against him because of the way he kept in front of the news media on the flood. I am waiting to see how many billions this has cost Calgary with the get it done attitude and to hell with the cost.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Agreed – getting a good strong council to keep Nenshi in check is so important and why you’re seeing him (via his sister) attack any offside

  6. Shmizer Says:

    The phrase “when did you stop beating your wife?” is literally the textbook example of a loaded question.

    • Krysta Meekins Says:

      Yes, and many people will know that. But not everyone. Besides the fact, Ezra’s question was not really loaded. I think the question needed to be, “Will you disclose THAT Pembina staff worked on your campaign or donated..” to really fit that wife-beater textbook comparison. Ezra asked if Nenshi would disclose “WHETHER” they did. Just my take.

      On that wiki page: “Thus, these facts are presupposed by the question, and in this case an entrapment, because it narrows the respondent to a single answer…”

      • Roy Says:

        it didn’t work though because ezra levant was still asking about penbina. it was the way ezra did it. he outsmarted the Calgary mayor.

  7. wilson Says:

    That was Nenshi’s answer when Ezra challenged him on giving $340,000 of taxpayers money to Pembinsa staff, the same organization that Nenshi did a fundraising video for
    Plus, Ezra exposed Nenshi’s lie about ‘scientists’ given the funding.
    That’s $340,000 that could have gone to flood relief or infrastructure,
    Calgarians need to know the facts.

  8. Pissedoff Says:

    Why has my comment disappeared? Was it because I said Muslim?

  9. brianmoulnd Says:

    Ezra is a smart guy he laid a trap and the Big Pompous Purple Progressive Barney Wannabe fell into it. You are a fool Nenshi!

  10. brad Says:

    I don’t think nenshi knows what hes doing here. who in their right mind would put themselves on such a thin limb as that against ezra levant. does this moron not know that levant is nothing short of an attack dog (and a good one in my book) and will crush this idiot mayor. like it was said above, sue him into the stone age.

  11. Warren Clark Says:

    After his next term will the Purple Man be after Trudeau’s or Mulcair’s job? Or will he wait that long?

  12. Steven Britton Says:

    The question is a well-known literary example used to expose and describe a loaded question; which Ezra asked the mayor. Nenshi has no control over what people do with the tweets once they’re out there, and if they drop the context of the tweet that’s not Nenshi’s fault either.

    Speaking as a conservative, to other conservatives here, there are many true, legitimate, and reasonable things to criticize Mayor Nenshi for, but this is not one of them. After suffering the slings and arrows blasted at me from the left, including being told that I’m “no better than a rapist and murderer” for my position on a contentious issue, to see my fellow conservatives shrieking like socialist anti-globalization protesters is, frankly, embarrassing.

    • BC Blue Says:

      You don’t speak for me nor do I care what your opinion of me is.

    • City of Calgary taxpayer Says:

      Be that as it may, but speaking as a Calgary City taxpayer, I’d like Mr Nenshi to answer Ezra’s question, it’s a legitimate one and preferably before October 24, 2013. The mayor called Pembina’s staff, who did work for the City “scientists” when the individuals are certainly NOT in any sense of the word. Ezra did a fine job of outing the recipients of some of my tax dollars as not even having a background as “scientists” at all. Not a single one of them even have an undergraduate degree in science.

      They are environmental lobbyists, anti oil and gas (the backbone of Alberta’s economy and a source of income to this country) and touting policies that will do nothing to get us off hydrocarbons, cheaply, efficiently or reliably any time in the near future. Why should I as a City of Calgary taxpayer support the Mayor’s (and Pembina’s it seems) agenda, especially when I seem to be paying for it already. The funding is like unions funding political Parties, or social policies outside of, in this case the City’s jurisdiction, with membership’s dues without their consent. No different. I suspect that Nenshi would like the power to exact a “carbon tax” or other feel good taxation, to fund all his hopes and dreams in elevating himself to a higher level politically, outside of current Municipal taxation constraints. He might like to consult with the Premier of this province about that. I’m sure that they could come to an agreement that would curtail the Province’s “take” without jacking up taxes somewhere else?(/sarc).

      I’d like some open and transparent details from the Mayor on what they lobbied the City of Calgary for and what they are advising the City on. I would also like the Mayor to put up his endorsement of Pembina, as it was before it was taken down from Pembina’s website. He’s “open” and “transparent”, right?

      His backhand tweet to Ezra has just focused attention on himself and Ezra has taken him up on it, so why defend this clown in any way shape or form? As he is a former high school debating team partner with Ezra, some chickens seem to be coming home to roost?

      • Lorraine White Says:

        I agree totally with you. They are killing us with the taxes and add on’s. If they would do there job once and do it right, but the sub contractors seem to have it made. We have a tot lot across the street. These subcontractors have come 3 times and I have watched them on one tree branch trim it everytime they come. It was on the third time to the park they finally cut the branch down. So we see how City Hall operates just by watching this. I am sure that Nenshi’ has got a good war chest thanks to Pembina etc. Like you say open and transparent haha….

  13. City of Calgary taxpayer Says:

    Further to my comment above: the City of Calgary, or any government entity, should not be soliciting the advice of politically active “think tanks” of whatever political stripe, especially the “charitable” types. In Calgary’s case if they wanted to delve into heating/energy efficiencies of buildings (in this case) then hire an engineering consulting group for that. You’ll get an independent, professional assessment without the political baggage, or an agenda.

    As a Calgary taxpayer, I’ll pay for that, if the City feels that they need an unbiased assessment on this issue. Like Nenshi said: “I’ll hire the Fraser Institute when they hire scientists”. The Fraser Institute actually refuses to accept government contracts, unlike Pembina who hasn’t a single real scientist on their roster either, so why were they hired to do the work in the first place? Hence the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation’s questions, because they were the ones first raising this issue with the City of Calgary. Ezra is just reporting the news on this and asking some additional probing questions of the Mayor on what the motives to spending my tax dollars on this were. He should also be asking everyone we have on City Council who even knew about this, or supported it.

    The fact that Pembina is also funded by outside interests, like the anti Canadian oil industry US Rockafeller Foundation and even the anti “tar sands” industry Government of the UK to name others, to specifically drum up opposition to the Canadian oil and gas industry, in other words “spike it” through the Pembina Institute and other “charitable” Canadian environmental outfits, while mute on anyone else doing the same outside of Canada, leaves this City of Calgary taxpayer asking what our mayor is trying to pull off here. Calgary is oil and gas city. If Nenshi wants to be cute and fund outfits predicated to actively killing off my job and Alberta’s and ultimately Canada’s future, especially in “His” city as he is wont to say, he can damned well ask first before using my tax money to polish his creds with the anti oil, anti energy and I must say anti people “green” movement. Fund it out of his own pocket, not mine. We’re paying him a fancy enough salary and a pension that he can surely afford to do so, if he feels so strongly about it. Or go work for Pembina, or like minded outfits.

    The City should stick to it’s knitting and focus on City issues, like flood mitigation, or reviews of building permits in flood prone areas of downtown and skip the social engineering issues. That isn’t their sphere anyway, legislatively speaking. Keep the streets cleared, garbage collected, water purified, crime arrested and the power ON at a reasonable price. And get off my lawn!

  14. Rob Says:

    On February 17, 2013, Pembina Institute was in Washinton DC giving a briefing. They were invited by a group of anti-Keystone XL pipeline groups. One of those groups was

    At the peak of the floods, when downtown was under water, the founder of and his organization tweeted out some despicable comments directly targeting Calgary flood victims and CEOs of Oil Hqs.

    Something is not right here. Mayor Nenshi says he is in favour of KXL however the people on YYC payroll from Pembina are in bed with some of the most extreme ENGO groups on the planet. Mr.Nenshi needs to address this.

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