CBC’s Shaun Majumder campaigning for Liberal candidate


Apparently promoting a Liberal MLA candidate running in Halifax doesn’t break any CBC employee rules as This Hour Has 22 Minutes star Shaun Majumder proudly tweeted the above picture of him doing so.

Update: From CBC’s Code of Conduct “it is essential to our democratic system to have a non-partisan public sector…” (see here)

Also: See my complaint filed against Majumber and the CBC for their coverage of the bin Laden skit done by some military members here


4 Responses to “CBC’s Shaun Majumder campaigning for Liberal candidate”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Oh dear, poor Shaun, he’s going to lose his job…yeah, and my name is Cleopatra.

  2. ianinamman Says:

    So when the CBC feigns indignance over being accused of having a Liberal bias, I’ll send them an email about Majunder

  3. morri Says:

    shaun may be funny at times but his politics are not.

  4. brianmouland Says:

    Just another CBC executive welfare case playing politics because he’s too talentless to work in the States

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