Ex-Conservative MP met secretly with rail boss in Parliamentary Restaurant


Besides using  the taxpayer-subsidized Parliamentary Restaurant as his private lobbyist meeting room, what was ex-Conservative MP Merv Tweed thinking when he lunched with the head of Ominitrax Canada?

A registered lobbyist arranged a Parliamentary Restaurant lunch meeting between now former Manitoba Conservative MP Merv Tweed and the head of Omnitrax Canada Inc., which owns the Port of Churchill in northern Manitoba, seven months before the Omnitrax executive left his post and was succeeded in the job by Mr. Tweed. (see here)

Tweed’s new gig as President of Omnitrax (see here) just got a whole lot stinkier.


4 Responses to “Ex-Conservative MP met secretly with rail boss in Parliamentary Restaurant”

  1. Pissedoff Says:

    He was a used car salesman just like a lot of the Harper party. So what do you expect.

  2. dr j Says:

    Nothing said or done in the Parliamentary Restaurant is a secret. Ever.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Some people seem to be instinctively able worm their way around and politics is the perfect medium for them, they use it as a springboard for personal gain. Rather than a short term of good service to the people who elect them for some politics has become a long term job with a pension at the end which is paid through our tax dollars. We all know some who keep running and getting elected, Ralph Goodale comes to mind as one example. Thee really should be limits put on how many times a person can seek re-election, career politicians biding their time to pension off are not in the best interest of the country.

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