Bombshell: Reporters omitted important detail in robocall stories

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Sun News’ Brian Lilley outs Postmedia’s Glen McGregor, and Stephen Maher and Global’s Laura Stone for leaving out the reason why the Conservative Party lawyer “was directing questions and answering for one [robocall] witness”. 

As it turns out:

The witness in this part of the transcript cannot talk. The witness in this part of the interview communicates with others by typing, often on their Blackberry.

I’d like to say more about this witness but there is a publication ban.

At least some of the journalists writing about this know who the witness is. They have attempted to speak to the witness and they know of the speech limitations that this witness deals with. (see here)

If Maher, McGregor or Stone knew about robocall witness’ speech limitations and didn’t report it, I can’t see how they won’t be fired


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  1. E Mac Says:

    I can see how they won’t be fired – It never happens that way with Jerks.

  2. Bec Says:

    It’s called editing the facts until the story reaches THEIR perfect climax.

    There is no doubt, these reporters may know stuff but most obvious, they have an agenda.

  3. jon Says:

    Why would any of them be fired when the news outlets they report for set the bar so low? And there’s little risk in “reporting” the way they do since their target demographic is comprised primarily of low info news consumers… the rest who follow them are we critics. They don’t care about us because they know we can’t be bamboozled so they’ll continue to focus on easy prey.

  4. Liz J Says:

    How could they possibly fire an award winning “journalist”? Anyway, the truth will never trump their anti-Conservative agenda, we can only assume they’re on the same wavelength as their employers. We’ve become accustomed to hearing “sources say” repeated over and over, those unnamed “sources” are always to blame. Tinkering with facts, omitting key elements of a story to fit an agenda, has the earmarks of tabloid journalism, simply purveyors of gossip.

  5. ianinamman Says:

    These people should go and write for the national enquirer. The problem with these type of stories only seemingly being reported by the Sun News chain is that given the CRTC has ruled against Sun News, most Canadians don’t hear about these stories. As for readers, I wonder how many non Conservatives read the Sun. As one staunch Liberal I know tells me, “I read the Citizen for my news, and the Sun for the sports”. Unfortunately the Ottawa Citizen is part of the Liberal friendly Media Party. When I talk to him about anything negative about the Liberals or positive about the Conservatives, he says he hasn’t heard about it. Nice to see Canadians are so well informed.

  6. Michael Harkov Says:

    Publication bans, anonymous sources………always something to help these for these so-called “journalists” spread their “news”. Nothing is ever inconvenient for them. So you’re right of course; until people start suing these losers back into the Stone Age.

  7. Martin Says:

    What puzzles me about this story is the hysterical headlines in Ottawa Citizen that CPC lawyer was present during the interviews; I thought that would be a given, and apparently Elections Canada agrees:
    “As is the practice with other enforcement bodies, an interviewee is not prevented from having legal counsel present during an interview if he or she desires.”
    That the CPC would defend itself against charges of manipulating the last elections seems to enrage commentators like the M&M twins. Why would they be surprised?

    • BC Blue Says:

      They have been trying to change the meme for awhile now that any non-conviction would be due to EC incompetence, CPC meddling etc. This is just the latest attempt.

      Maher and McGregor’s entire careers are based on robocalls and if no one is found guilty, they would be obviously exposed.

  8. Senator Brazeau substance abuse hit-piece by Global reporter Laura Stone | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] And it’s not like Stone hasn’t been caught before not telling the whole truth (see here). […]

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