Calgary mayor Nenshi used dinner invite to Ezra Levant’s parents’ house as political weapon


There is an unwritten rule in politics that you don’t ever use someone’s family to attack your political opponents yet Calgary’s mayor Naheed Nenshi not only did it twice to go after Sun News’ Ezra Levant, he did it using a dinner invitation at Ezra’s parents’ house!

On his show’s segment, Ezra explains perfectly how Nenshi was invited and ate dinner at his folk’s place then used a detail about their house to smear Ezra’s father and when Ezra’s father reminded Nenshi about the incident, Nenshi smeared him again by calling him creepy (see here story begins at 17:00 min mark).

Wonder if Nenshi also went through Ezra’s parents’ medicine cabinet while using their bathroom that night?


11 Responses to “Calgary mayor Nenshi used dinner invite to Ezra Levant’s parents’ house as political weapon”

  1. antfrm Says:

    now we see just how creepy “his worship” really is

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, Nenshi has exposed himself as thin-skinned and vicious

      • lorraine White Says:

        John Lord is going to run against Nenshi, and I hope Calgary wakes up and sees the truth and Lord runs a vigorous campaign and wins. Its slim but hopefully enough Calgarians will wake up.

        • Bec Says:

          Me too…I am so fed up with this ‘worshipper of his own Worship’ that I plan to go out and vigorously support Lord. He has all of the needed credentials plus he is a die hard supporter of the small business mentality.

  2. bocanut Says:

    Why won’t Nenshi produce the written over letter Ezra’s father sent him?
    Does the Calgary paper that Nenshi’s letter was sent to 20 years ago have an archived copy?
    Did Nenshi live in the basement of his parents home until he became mayor?

  3. Roy Says:

    yup nenshi usin aulinsky tactics typical lefty.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Nenshi is resenting himself a a petty little person who is acting about as mature as a brat in a schoolyard.
    This is what we’d consider to be beyond the pale in or outside of politics.
    I can’t imagine Ezra putting up with having his parents drawn into this without taking legal action. Nenshi needs to learn the meaning of STFU and get on with the work he was elected to do , stop trying to be a clown like making a joke about Toronto’s Mayor Ford when he visited that city.

  5. Sean M Says:

    I see nenshi as a typical lefty “progressive”… someone who pretends to be something he is not. Nenshi plays the role of “victim”, the sweet innocent “progressive” who only wants to help everyone and enlighten them to the “progressive” cause. When in reality Nenshi is a hate filled, vicious, petty , intolerant, ego maniac, a man that believes he is superior in all ways to everyone else. Like most narcissistic “progressives” he lashes out viciously when his superiority and self importance is questioned. Ezra clearly knows the real Nenshi and is exposing, with Nenshi’s help, the real person behind the facade. Ezra is doing the job the media refuse to do, vetting a politician, and he’s doing it wonderfully. Good for Ezra, keep pushing those buttons, “progressives” don’t like that.

  6. Ronuq shah Says:

    Calgarians should wake up 500 Millions got flushed for unnecessary Tunnel under the YYC Airport and no steps taken to prevent flood
    Only helping the Flood Victims does not make it a hero ,,,As a matter of Fact in spite of floods in 1995 2005 No planning was ever done
    By City Council to stop flood water Causing Billions of Dollars loss in
    Down Town area. Wake up and replace the mayor with kind hearted
    Politician who can steer Calgary towards development

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