NDP’s campaign manager threatened revenge against Sun News for running Layton prostitute story


Because of their story about NDP leader Jack Layton getting caught naked in a Toronto whorehouse by the police, Brad Lavigne reveals he called up the head of Sun News to say he would seek retribution:

And there is Lavigne’s profanity-laced tirade aimed at Kory Teneycke of Sun TV, in which he vowed to “spend my life’s work amassing the resources to rain holy hell on your f—ing heads,” after Lavigne was tipped that the network and its print arm was poised to go with a quickly discredited, election eve story about Layton’s visit to a massage parlour. (see here)

Besides not even blinking that Lavinge would threaten a news organization, also notice that the Star’s Tim Harper calls the story “discredited” as if Layton wasn’t actually found by the Toronto Police using a hooker.

The Media Party still defending their socialist icon.


9 Responses to “NDP’s campaign manager threatened revenge against Sun News for running Layton prostitute story”

  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    “……….he vowed to “spend my life’s work amassing the resources to rain holy hell on your f—ing heads….”

    I hope he at least plans to wait until he is no longer in Parliament to carry on his blood feud. Although the entertainment factor of Lavinge going to the mattresses (pun intended) against a news organization should prove mildly diverting. 😀

  2. Michael Harkov Says:

    But then bonny Brad said this, when, almost three years ago? How has that blood feud been working out for ya since, Brad? 😀

  3. Alain Says:

    As the saying goes in every leftist there is a totalitarian screaming to get out. They never fail to show their true colours when anyone disagrees with them or corners them.

  4. Roy Says:

    brad levine you know what sunnews would say espcially ezra levant he would say bring it on.

  5. beachdude Says:

    Wasn’t Mr. Levine one of the political masterminds behind the “premier in waiting” Mr. Dix collapse in BC……..and wasn’t Mr. Topp and Ms.Mcgrath the other genius minds involved!

  6. Fiumara Says:

    The NDP is on the wrong side of the issue, again. When will they learn that their policies, politics and personalities are from another era let alone century. They are forever proving that “liberalism is a mental disorder”.

    keep up the threats Brad, (yawn).

  7. Bec Says:

    The man was married, the man was a family man (around the table and all of that) and the man was caught in a whore house with a whore. The media seriously would have KILLED a Conservative and yet………crickets for this story.

    Jack Layton had an engaging persona but he had serious flaws so when he entered politics, certainly he thought of all those skeletons that may come out of his closet? So should Brad so grow up Brad. Your guy dodged a HUGE bullet!

  8. Bubba Brown Says:

    Excatly Bec! Jack didn’t just get caught with his little bicycle shorts down, he was NAKED!
    The red light green light, open all night whorehouse, was not a “licenced shaitasu clinic”.
    Kate is right should be a brass plaque at 787 Dundas st.

  9. Liz J Says:

    All things are not equal in politics, only Conservatives have to be perfect, the rest can play any game in town and no reporter will squeal.

    Little Brad should hold his temper and not defend the indefensible, less said the better. His leader reportedly visited what has been called not the highest class “massage” facility and was reportedly caught in full monty on a bed , not something befitting a political leader with aspirations to lead the country. I agree it’s unkind, it’s nasty stuff, but politicians need to behave in a manner fitting their “honourable” status as MP’s in the HOC.

    We all know the mileage the maggots got from “Wafergate” which was a big lie.

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