Trudeau smears a sector of the middle-class

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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau doesn’t like that Sun News’ Ezra Levant has exposed his new ‘star economic’ candidate Chrystia Freeland as a fraud (see here) so apparently he turned to Twitter in order to slag Levant as some sort of sleazy used-car salesman but the people who work in that industry didn’t care for the put-down:

autodrive trudeau So Trudeau quickly deletes the tweet and posts this immature, passive-aggressive ‘apology’:

trudeau levant autodriveClassy huh?

Correction: I surmised Trudeau had made this slur against used car salespeople on Twitter aiming it at Levant when in fact he said it in front of the Press Gallery comparing them to how low voters think of politicians. Why he childishly added Levant’s name to it is anyone’s guess.


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  1. Sean M Says:

    Trudopes reply should’ve read more like… “Sorry about that man, I’m an idiot!” Ezra does a great job of vetting the latest Liberal “progressive star”, God knows the relic media won’t do it. Three media party members running in one riding… at least they’ve given up the pretense of being “journalists”.

  2. Bec Says:

    Every hard working Canadian should be outraged at this insulting insinuation made by this coat-tail riding mean boy. Most Canadians who have real jobs, didn’t get them because they have a famous (way overrated btw) last name. If his last name was anything but Trudeau, he’d be lucky to get a job as a used car salesman. Or anything for that matter based on his shallow credentials.

    If I were these people, I would not accept this apology and simply file it ’13’. His attitude and his mouth are as rude and caustic as his arrogant, mean Father. Apple>Tree.

    • ianinamman Says:

      The problem is that since the MSM does not report these negative stories , Canadian voters will never hear about the real Trudeau. That was why Obama got elected the last time. Same MSM support aka CNN during the debate. People who read the Sun usually vote Conservative so they’re only preaching to the choir.

      • Blame Crash Says:

        Cheer up buddy. If what you claim applied to Canada we’d have a PM named Just Visiting. Instead, we have a former Lib Leaver named Just Long Gone.

  3. Michael Harkov Says:

    He slags what he will NEVER understand, because he can’t ever empathize. Just a spoiled, arrogant, vapid, dilettante fop.

  4. brad maynard Says:

    what a bonehead. I love JT. this time around harper doesn’t even have to try. LOL

  5. E Mac Says:

    Snotty little Liberal – Arrogant such as they are – a breed apart.
    Like the one finger salute his old man gave the residents of a small BC town.

  6. Bubba Brown Says:

    Indeed the “Salmon Arm Salute” was just one in a long line of insults from Trudeau the older.
    Junior with his snowboardin’, substitute teacher stoner lifestyle has no empathy for working people.
    Tone deaf like Iggy and Dion, evertime he opens his mouth he shows his contempt of ordinary Canadians, you know the people he fantisizes about “having a conversation with”

  7. wilson Says:

    I am very surprised that the 42 year old LPC leader is so immature, emotionally and politically.
    First demean a sector of the middle class, then pick a fight with Ezra Levant.
    Trudeau will lose that fight, just like Nenshi lost to Ezra.

  8. Agent Smith Says:

    Ezra gave back way better than he got tho with the quip about the dolfin’s ‘used’ million dollar car he inherited from pops – the perfect set-up. Take a dig at Ezra and he’ll wollop u with the spade.

  9. Michael Harkov Says:

    A brilliant and likeable guy like Stephane Dion ends up looking like a bumbler. A person with extensive debating experience like Michael Ignatieff gets his arse handed to him. In any election campaign debate a little airheaded lightweight like Trudeau gets absolutely eaten alive. However, the MSM/PPG and various other lickspittle sycophants are going to set the bar so low for their messiah for that debate that even staying on his feet will be touted as a masterful performance. He won’t fail, he can’t fail; they won’t let him because they can’t afford to.

  10. ianinamman Says:

    Well come on, do you think a person such as Prince Justin would ever buy or drive a used car? God forbid! What group of Canadians is he going to slag next? Life insurance sales people. Loved Ezra’s piece. If this is not a prime example of how the MSM is in the Liberals’ back pocket, I don’t know how much more you need. She thinks that Canada’s economy is at a “tipping point”. So what does she think about the news today about Moody giving Canada a triple A rating with “a stable outlook and a diversified economy and sound macroeconomic policy management”. But then again what do they know eh? Her knowledge of economics can be contained on the end of a pin. Trudeau acts like a petulant child whenever anybody “crosses him”. If he’s not walking off stage in a huff during the leadership debate because someone said he didn’t understand the middle class, he’s sending nasty tweets. I guess he’s not used to being told he’s not perfect. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up with servants and bodyguards.

  11. Liz J Says:

    For starters,Trudeau has no clue about the middle class and never will have, he has again proven he’s not learning anything about them either, he just hasn’t got that common touch. The media needs to ask him how often he’s dealt with used car salesmen?

    The Shiny Pony is sure losing luster every time he opens his gob, the puppeteers better keep the brushes going fast and hard.

  12. ianinamman Says:

    Nice to see the Globe and Mail run a piece on this. They also published the letter sent to Trudeau by the used car dealers association giving him crap. This stemmed from the comment he made saying (using some self depracating humour) that politicians were now ranked lower than used car salesmen. The letter writer told Trudeau that yes, politicians are ranked lower and have been for a long time. Then it gve him crap for the term “salesmen” since many women now sell cars. Trudeau’s apology tweet sounded stupid when he said he repected the hard work they do and thanked them for it. Talk about a phoney apology.

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