Bombshell: Parks Canada paid CBC to run story including $20K to fly in Peter Mansbridge


Looks like the CBC and Parks Canada have been caught in a scandal that brings into question how many times the CBC has been paid by other government agencies to give them favourable news coverage:

The CBC accepted more than $68,000 from Parks Canada in an agreement over TV and online coverage of a search for the lost Franklin expedition in the Canadian Arctic last year, prompting Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq to seek a review of the payment. (see here)

And on top of that $68K, Parks Canada gave the CBC another $20,000 to have their top anchor Peter Mansbridge flown in which goes against CBC policy:

“accepting free travel to help in newsgathering, creation of content or for research puts us in a conflict of interest.”

I can’t see how heads shouldn’t roll including Peter Mansbridge’s.


Update: Parks Canada also had two ships available for the CBC:

Beyond the cash payments and travel costs, Parks Canada rushed to put a research ship and icebreaker at the disposal of CBC.

In a June 13, 2012, memo, Keri Spink, who works under Campbell said that Captain Noon, the man in charge of coast guard operations, was to be put at CBC’s disposal.

“He is being very flexible in trying to work around ship operations and CBC needs,” Spink wrote. (see here)


7 Responses to “Bombshell: Parks Canada paid CBC to run story including $20K to fly in Peter Mansbridge”

  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    How does that saying go again? Oh yeah –


  2. Brett Says:

    When has the CBC ever followed policy?

  3. ianinamman Says:

    Peter mansbridge is untouchable as is any other CBC person

  4. Jen Says:

    Robert Fife wasn’t invited -gosh darn, I guess Fife has to work(if you look his work, work) to pay for Peter Mansbridge and the dead beat cbc reporters to live a life of luxury while Robert Fife works.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Whoever signs and passes out such cheques have zero respect for taxpayer’s money. We need to demand such people be demoted or fired or we can only assume this government is afraid to touch anything to do with the CBC which means CBC and all who work there answer only to themselves.

  6. Questions to CBC’s Peter Mansbridge about his role in Parks Canada scandal | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] of The National, it’s imperative for Peter Mansbridge to divulge what he knew about the deal (see here) between Parks Canada and the CBC to run the story on the Franklin […]

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