NDP campaign manager says BC Liberal candidates were “gay-bashers, tax avoiders and drug trade associates”

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In a leaked copy of BC NDP campaign manager Brian Topp’s election post-mortem came with a few stunning accusations:

1) The NDP didn’t use any of the dirt they had on Liberal MLA candidates:

We did not reply in kind in keeping with our explicit and oft-repeated commitment to avoid personal attacks during the campaign. So the gay-bashers, bankrupts, tax avoiders, drug trade associates and people who indulged in sundry ethical lapses in government who ran for office on the Liberal slate got a largely free ride from us

2) The BC Conservatives had Liberals working against them from within:

The brief further accuses the Liberals of sabotaging the B.C. Conservatives by infiltrating their ranks, then denouncing party leader John Cummins.

3) The Liberals were using government resources to campaign:

There’s also a suggestion that other Liberal operatives flirted with law-breaking:

“A team was hived off from the premier’s office and set to work organizing an (arguably illegal) front group to anonymously fundraise and then broadcast a series of (arguably defamatory) attack ads aimed at Adrian Dix.” (see here)

Now the NDP need to back-up these very serious allegations with names.




5 Responses to “NDP campaign manager says BC Liberal candidates were “gay-bashers, tax avoiders and drug trade associates””

  1. ianinamman Says:

    I’m a hard core Conservative but I have alot more respect for dippers than Liberals. Liberals to me have that superiority complex that is so annoying. They slag everybody because they think they are superior. They are deluded in their thinking that they still are the Natural Ruling Party. I recall after the 2006 election they could not accept that they were no longer in power. Instead of talking about how they were going to work with the new Conservative government, they were talking about how they needed to defeat it for the good of the country. That to me speaks to the extreme Liberal arrogance we have today in the US and Canada.

    • Bec Says:

      The more sane BC-er that move to AB, the better and there are a few $$$ sane ones!

      The Province is wrecking their charm with these insane taxes and they should really wake up!

  2. Sean M Says:

    I agree that if these allegations are true, than make them public, especially the charge of drug trade affiliations. it’s entirely plausible that the drug trade is involved with the BC Liberals, and BC politics in general, but lets see the proof. With someone as ethically challenged as Kristy Klark around, nothing would surprise me. It could be just nasty leftoid sore losers whining and smearing too, but if the NDP have evidence of dirty politics then lets see it.

  3. ianinamman Says:

    If the dippers don’t want to get down in the trenches like the other parties then that’s their choice but politics is a blood sport and they know it. They should take a page out of Justin Trudeau’s book and make their attacks through twitter instead of out in the open.

  4. beachdude Says:

    LOL, I thought this guy was the NDP genius? After all he was Jack’s luggage boy!!

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