Questions to CBC’s Peter Mansbridge about his role in Parks Canada scandal


Being CBC’s top journalist as anchor of The National, it’s imperative for Peter Mansbridge to divulge what he knew about the deal (see here) between Parks Canada and the CBC to run the story on the Franklin Exhibition:

1) Were you aware Parks Canada paid CBC $68,000 for you to cover the Franklin Exhibition story?

2) Were you aware Parks Canada paid $20,000 to fly you in to cover the Franklin Exhibition story?

3) Were you aware Parks Canada paid CBC $10,000 to fly in a crew to cover the Franklin Exhibition story?

4) Do you know how much it cost taxpayers for Parks Canada to arrange a research ship for you to use?

5) Do you know how much it cost taxpayers for Parks Canada to arrange a Coast Guard ice-breaker for you to use?

I’ve sent these to Mansbridge via Twitter and although he has responded to select questions in the past, I’m not going to hold my breath on these ones.


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  1. Barry Letang Says:

    If Canada had elected a legitimate conservative Prime Minister, who didn’t consistently succumb to the far left but behaved according to his alleged small-c fiscal responsible conservative principles, he would have eradicate the national embarrassment State Broadcaster CBC, which functions as a infomercial for the NDP,

    The $1.16 billion annual bailout by taxpayers is an embarrassment and humiliation, since in reality, the anti-business, politically correct State Broadcaster with its far left agenda, is nothing less than the press agent for the extremist NDP.

  2. Jen Says:

    you are Mansbridge’s boss. You and the used MIDDLE CLASS pay his dam salary. He owes us an answer.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Mansbridge cannot be totally blamed, he didn’t write his own ticket,BUT, as a long time employee who has been on many assignments/junkets, he should have looked at it and realized it wasn’t the right thing to do. This Andrew Campbell guy is the one who apparently needs a talking to, he seemed to pursue Mansbridge to go on this junket.

    As for the Minister in charge, I think she will be looking into it , I’ll give her a chance, she’s pretty straight up, unless the Conservatives have a hands-off policy for the CBC which is really irresponsible and not what we hoped and expected them to do.

    • BC Blue Says:

      No one is saying Mansbridge is totally to blame but he is in complete control of what stories he covers and as the face of CBC, must answer for his involvement in this scandal.

      • Liz J Says:

        It will be interesting to watch how this all plays out, if in fact we hear anything more about it. If I were betting I’d go on hearing crickets from those involved. The only hope is the Minister will deal with this in a timely fashion, do a bit of sleuthing to find out just what and who was behind this whole affair, what kind of thought process would decide it was above board and appropriate.

  4. Manitoba Fay Says:

    Another fact that reinforces that CBC and Peter Mansbridge are HYPOCRITES.
    My age group( baby boomer) is still disgusted with watching Peter Mansbridge reporting night after night that Theresa Spence was on a hunger strike. We were with a group of friends last night and we all had a good laugh at poor old Peters expense relating how stupid he looked pretending Theresa Spence was on a hunger strike. Waving his finger into our faces because we didn’t believe him.
    Does anyone in Canada still believe a word Peter reports every evening?

    • Barry Letang Says:

      The State Broadcaster’s far-left extraordinarily over-paid alleged “news” bureaucrats consistently produce “factoids” pretending to be facts but, in reality, are merely spin reprints from the NDP’s talking points. CBC News’s ostentatiously recruits for diversity of race, sex, sexual orientation, and every other diversity except the one that really matters—-diversity of ideas!

      Canadian tax payers are over paying for the ratings-challenged State Broadcaster, which is an anti-Conservative Party auxiliary of the NDP, with an immense creditability gap, is guilty of oversimplification and dumping down news, neglects to distinguish between opinion and comments, marginalizes non-leftists, uncompromisingly encourages anti-Americanism, and has no public trust with anyone not on the radical left!

  5. Thucydides Says:

    Since Parks Canada spent on the order of $100,000 of our tax dollars, maybe we should also be asking why they paid the CBC to cover this (especially given the CBC has a budget to pay for crews to go to stories, or hire stringers when they don’t have a crew there and can’t get one to the location….)

    • BC Blue Says:

      The minister in charge of Parks Canada, Leona Aglukkaq has already asked for that information.

      PS and that’s why Glover’s silence is especially noticeable

  6. Bocanut Says:

    Can a CBC movie be far away with Peter Mansbridge (played by Carlo Rota) and ex-wife Wendy Mesley(Kady O’Malley) reporting in the Great White North. Cynthia Dale would play Shelley Glover thereby rounding out the rampant incestuosness evident in every CBC production for the last 3 decades. A cameo of Jack Layton (Zaib Shaikh) and David Suzuki (Gorden Pinsent) frolicking amongst the harp seals trying to stop the cull while a wild -eyed Harper(Don Cherry) circling above in a helicopter laughing maniacally could be the final scene.

  7. Liz J Says:

    The thing that’s so dumbfounding is how do people who read news gathered by reporters at home and around the globe become such “stars”? The attitude oozing from them should have the old caption “I’m somebody and you’re not”. Of course we all know it doesn’t just stop at reporting the news, it’s laced with opinion and tinkering with facts to influence perceptions of them. We all know which side of the political spectrum they gravitate to.

    I have no use for journalistic sneaks who portray themselves as honest brokers of the news, pretending to be unbiased when they’re the exact opposite.
    At least when we hear the news from SNN reporters we know where they’re coming from, no **** Sherlock and they tell it as it is, in the raw and factual. We can count on getitng the real stuff from Lilley, Levant and Coren , they have opinions based on facts, they don’t hide their political views.

  8. Lyndia Says:


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