RCMP took 4 tonnes of ammo out of High River homes during flood

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Sun News’ Lorne Gunter points to what he calls “a statistic that has been largely overlooked” admitted by the RCMP:

During his enumeration, [Staff Sgt. Ian] Shardlow stated matter-of-factly that in addition to firearms, Mounties had also “ burned approximately seven thousand, five hundred pounds of compromised ammunition.”

Upon hearing that, the first thing that occurred to me is that in the small boats and dinghies Mounties were using, it must have taken dozens of trips to collect nearly four tons of ammunition. That means that rather than searching for survivors, their door-stomping rampage must have been first and foremost about taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, otherwise they wouldn’t have devoted so much overtime pay and scarce equipment to the effort.

If the ammunition was damaged by the flood, the financial loss would not be the Mounties’ responsibility. But who gave them the power to destroy at least $250,000 in private property without first seeking the owners’ permission. (see here)

Four tonnes of ammo taken (and destroyed) from High River homes and the RCMP said they were looking for flood victims – my ass they were.


8 Responses to “RCMP took 4 tonnes of ammo out of High River homes during flood”

  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    “Took”. I wonder if the operative word would be “stole”.

  2. BDFT Says:

    It is virtually impossible to “damage” modern ammunition by exposing it to water for a short time. Modern ammo is loaded in a virtually watertight sealed case that will shoot just fine. It poses absolutely no danger to anyone outside of a firearm unless, perhaps, a box of it is dropped on your toe.This is more RCMP spin, AKA bull****.

  3. Powell Lucas Says:

    Is there anyone left in this country who is so stupid as to believe anything the RCMP says?

  4. ohboy Says:

    I’m not sure whether or not you’re legally allowed to store ammo with your firearms (input anyone?).
    If not then guns aside, I would question the time frame involved in locating and removing stored ammunition especially if the rcmp’s so called first objective was indeed locating citizens who may have needed assistance.

    This whole illegal search and seizure begs the question of just what were those involved thinking and what other possible outcome did they expect with upsetting law abiding Albertans and more so because it WAS Danielle Smith, the leader of the official opposition’s own riding.

    How can allison redford even have the gall to accuse Danielle Smith of grandstanding when her gov’t has abetted ‘over the fence… under cover of darkness’ tactics and vandalized Ms Smith’s constituency.

    Time for the facts to surface…if the rcmp hopes to maintain any credibility within an already indelibly tarnished record.

  5. RJ65 Says:

    All the butt covering here from the folks under the Dome can lead one to think that regardless of the denial from Minister Denis, the order to do this came from the Redford Government. Isn’t it is also interesting that this happened after the Armed Forces went over the entire area with heat seeking equipment that would have found a field mouse let alone a person in distress. There was no need for this action and it served no useful legal purpose.

    The fall session of the legislature should be interesting as there are some really good questions to have answered.

  6. Bill Says:

    Notice that they are returning the firearms. The ammunition has been STOLEN! It needs to be replaced and the people who stole it prosecuted.

  7. d Says:

    Alberta is now a militarized police state. Shameful.

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