Trudeau faked running in race for photo-op?


This above photo of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau running alongside his new ‘star’ ex-Lt-General Andrew Leslie is being questioned as a complete fraud.

It was apparently taken at the Sept 22 Army Run in Ottawa (see here) but the issue is that the bib Trudeau is wearing (#20603) is supposedly registered to a Leslie Philippa in the female 25-29 age bracket.

I haven’t been able to confirm this and will update as I find out more.

Update: My email to the Ottawa Army Run to get some clarification:

Joe Duvall
Operations Manager
Run Ottawa

I see that Justin Trudeau took part in the Ottawa Army Run under bib #20603 yet his name does not appear in your data base. Was he not a registered participant?


Dean Skoreyko

Also: I sent the same email to the data company that tracks these race participants


45 Responses to “Trudeau faked running in race for photo-op?”

  1. Bubba Brown Says:

    Doncha know his daddy was saint Pierre, he shoulda have got a ribbon just for that.
    Maybe a Nobel Pe\ace Prize as well.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Leslie’s bib number doesn’t show up either.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, I tried it as well. Site issues maybe?

      • Kevin Says:

        Doubtful. If you had a registered bib number it’d show up in the results regardless of whether you finish or not. That company does the timing for alot of the races I do. Also, it’s difficult to make out but it doesn’t look like he’s wearing a timing ankle bracelet. If he was actually competing he’d have one on.

        • BC Blue Says:

          I was thinking maybe a chip was implanted in the bib…no way huh?

        • G. Mcrae Says:

          I am not sure of the technology used for this race. For the Vancouver Sun Run, the chip goes onto your shoelaces. Hard to tell with the resolution of the photo.

        • CanadianKate Says:

          The timing chips were in the bibs. My son competed and had an extra bib in his backpack (a friend backed out the day before but he hoped he’d find someone interested in at least walking the course.) That ‘person’ finished a split second behind my son (due to his chest crossing the line before his back.)

  3. bocanut Says:

    Justin runs like a 25-29 year old female

  4. Sue Says:

    Two Trudeau’s but no Justine in the results from using their search button…

  5. manitoba fay Says:

    Why would anyone fake running in a charity run? This does just not make sense. It is a well known fact that the media party will outright lie to cover up Justin’s poor judgement. But now it appears our Canadian military is willing to do the same? Sad, very sad for all Canadians.

  6. Jen Says:

    Trudeau must be getting money just to make an appearance.. he doesn’t do charities ‘for free’.

  7. Bec Says:

    I don’t know many serious runners who are smiling while running or even aware/care that someone may be taking a picture. That suggests a photo-op hog is in full photo-op hog mode.

    It will be fascinating to find out if this was staged. Yikes!

  8. Liz J Says:

    Somebody knows, nobody’s telling on the Liberal Prince Charming. The gall of the twit to choose to fake a run for the army is doubly disgusting.
    A young relative of mine ran n the race and came 3rd in her age group. Trudeau makes a mockery of anything he appears at.We better start calling him “Phony Pony”, he has no shine and no clue.

  9. Kevin Says:

    It could be in the bib, I’ve just never been in a race with this company where they used the bib version. But my events are triathlons so it could be different because of the swim aspect.

  10. Hochelaga Cypher-Boy Says:

    This is the party of the “Peace” Army, right? I sure as blazes would hate to believe that ex-Lt-General Andrew Leslie had been co-opted by the Libranoid puppeters, and their MSM pals, into denigrating the Canadian Military, for the sake of some flakey puff-piece tawdry photo-op, glorifying the invincible justine. I mean, why didn’t the Libs just run with Plan A and produce Photoshopped images of Justine having run up Mt Everest in his snowshoes and fur parka?

    If this is a true story of Libranoids scamming the Military, scamming the public, then colour me greatly disappointed – in fact, disgusted.
    Quelle Kr@ppe!

    former Royal Canadian Corps of Signals,

  11. chuckt Says:

    I suspect he decided at the last minute to run in the race only to find that it was sold out. I wonder if Leslie Philippa is a Liberal staffer.

  12. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    Too bad PM Harper wasn’t more forthright about defending rights in Quebec. Leslie says he decided to go with the Liberals because of Trudeau’s stand on the P.Q.’s proposed charter of values.

  13. Ed the Hun Says:

    Everyone knew that Leslie was a liberal while in uniform. He fully expected to be the CDS. It was only with the Conservatives coming to power that thru off his aspirations. Story we always heard was that he took his wife’s family name to carry the name. I have been trying to get confirmation to see if that is even true or if it was just an ‘urban-myth’. No luck confirming or not

  14. Ed the Hun Says:

    Even without being able to confirm his lineage (regarding the name) he carries a dislike for the Conservatives since they passed him over. He fully expected to be the CDS and I suspect him being passed over was a key factor in him hitching his wagon to the Trudeau-train. He thinks (as do many pundits and anti-Harperites) that he will return the Liberals to power. Leslie, if nothing else, won’t pass on an opportunity to get to the Minister of National Defence believing Trudeau is the path to power

  15. Bozo Says:

    Chip was incorpated into the bib and has been for the last 3 years that I’ve participated in the event. Justin was there and running, saw him.

    • manitoba fay Says:

      This good to hear and restores my respect for the military. I am also relieved to hear that Justin Trudeau was a legitimate participant in this run.
      Hopefully he is now giving to charities !

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Gen Leslie has a daughter who goes by “Pippa.” So it looks like Trudeau is using, if anyone, Pippa Leslie’s bib. Crisis averted folks.

  17. @metacanada Says:

    Trudeau used LGen Leslie’s daughter’s bib.

    Calm down folks. It was probably a last minute thing and Leslie offered up the bib for Trudeau’s use.

    • BC Blue Says:

      No, that confirms then Trudeau was not properly registered in the race and that Leslie helped him skirt the rules for a photo-op. We are still assuming he ran the entire length.

    • Bec Says:

      “A last minute thing”? LOL! Sounds like an impromptu photo-op to me thus a very disorganized organization behind the Trudeau ticket. That org is spelled L-I-B-E-R-A-L!

      So the question becomes, how many other people could walk in off the street during an event and become someone else? Very amateur imho.

  18. Sean M Says:

    Trudumb the actor doing what he does the best ( which isn’t saying much), acting. How can anyone in the military support a Liberal, never mind a Trudope… What is Leslie looking for, more cuts, a promotion, a further weakening of our once proud military, perhaps Leslie wants a return to the “decade of darkness” under Liberal rule. Sounds to me like the military has an enemy in it’s mist.

    • Liz J Says:

      I also cannot understand any smart military person supporting the Liberals after the way they were gutted under Liberal rule. Papa Trudeau was not high on the military but it did come in handy when he invoked the war measures act to deal with the FLQ in his province of Quebec.

      • BC Blue Says:

        The top brass are filled with Liberals

        • Sean M Says:

          No doubt the result of Trudeau the 1st imposing “bilingualism”, the military, like other historically English speaking institutions have suffered under the rot of this poisonous social engineering scheme.

  19. Sue Says:

    Four “Leslie’s” show up in the results search but they do not include the former General, or Philippa Leslie’s entry, which some folks here say the shiny pony ran with her bib. So what is it??

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  22. Terry J Says:

    Found this on Wiki regarding Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie

    Post-military career[edit]
    Leslie retired in September 2011, and was subsequently hired by CGI Group to lead their new Defence, Public Safety and Intelligence unit in Ottawa.[8]

    Now the interesting part…….
    On September 18, 2013, Leslie was named co-chair of the Liberal International Affairs Council of Advisors, providing advice on foreign and defence issues to Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau.[9][10]

    Liberals are so predictable, you can always count on them to do the wrong thing…..the fun part is watching them get caught!

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