Liberal by-election candidate caught lying about work bio


The Liberal’s only candidate to so far to declare their intention to seek the nomination for the Brandon-Souris, Manitoba by-election has been outed for padding his resume:

Rolf Dinsdale’s campaign website says he was a, quote — “senior executive at the leading social media network Facebook.”

In fact, Dinsdale worked for a Toronto company called Segal Communications, which handled sales for Facebook advertising in Canada. (see here)

Notice that Dinsdale is also a band-mate of Warren Kinsella’s who play songs like “Horny Single Mom” and “Jesus Got Wood”.

Trudeau sure attracts all the classy ones huh?


11 Responses to “Liberal by-election candidate caught lying about work bio”

  1. manitoba fay Says:

    I will be very surprised if this info ever sees the light of day in the Brandon Sun newspaper.

    • manitoba fay Says:

      The Brandon Sun actually ran the Canadian press story ” Dinsdale defends facebook exec bio” at the bottom of the front page. The Brandon sun headline above the Dinsdale defence reads Kennedy denies Tory application filed late. Chris Kennedy apparently filed his 26 donor memberships a day late??
      The message from the Brandon Sun is Conservatives bad and Liberals good. Same old, same old.

  2. Liz J Says:

    So he’s a member of Kinsella’s “Band” called “Shit From Hell”? Classy indeed.

  3. bocanut Says:

    Ritalin Boy thinks he can crawl back to his daddy’s Manitoba riding and ride papa’s coattails to an MP’s job?
    If that faux hipster/punk rocker personna didn’t work in Toronto ,it sure won’t work in Brandon-Souris.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Who was in charge of vetting this guy?

      • bocanut Says:

        Creepy Crawley is the Liberal National President and one would guess that he must approve all candidates.Ritalin Boy is/was a member of the incestuous Toronto Liberal gang plus being a friend of spokespunk Kinsella and an aquaintance of Lala,Kinsella’s girlfriend and now a Daisy Inc. VP ( a former teat sucker at ORNGE and Team Iggy) must have had close connections with Creepy.
        How the Liberals think they can fool Manitobans by nominating someone who
        ridicules ADD affected children and adults is beyond comprehension.
        What’s next-Davey Snot From SFH appointed to a medical board studying nasal problems?

  4. Peter12 Says:

    “Until recently, he (Dinsdale) was a member of the punk rock band S–t From Hell, along with longtime Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella. The band’s songs include Hor-y Single Mom and Jesus Got Wood. The video for the latter features a writhing woman and the lyrics, “Baby you’re going to get impaled.”

    Trudeau attracting another star candidate with sterling credentials everything is coming up roses since Trudeau has become leader. I expect Dinsdale will bring his pot crowd along with him to the Liberal fold .
    Trudeau’s pot stance is starting to pay big dividends for the party.

  5. Trudeau campaigns on pro-weed while speaking to school kids | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

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