Postmedia calls me a conspiracy theorist for asking about Trudeau’s Army Run registration


I’ve been called worse than a pitch-fork wielding, tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist as Postmedia’s Ismael N. Daro did when he ran a story on my blog post (see here) about Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s Army Run:

Tory blogger Dean Skoreyko, however, smelled a fake. On his site BC Blue, Skoreyko wondered why Trudeau’s race time didn’t appear in the results database.

Indeed, a search for either bib number #20603 or Trudeau’s name yields no results at

A spokesperson for the Army Run had no answers when contacted by on Wednesday.

“We have re-checked the Sports Stats database and Mr. Trudeau’s name and finishing time do not appear. As a result, it would probably be best to contact Mr. Trudeau’s office directly,” said Velma LeBlanc in an email.

Further questions about why a finish time might go missing from the database were not answered.

Trudeau’s office has so far not reponded to a request for comment. A Liberal party spokesperson reached at a different office suggested reporters could ask Trudeau in person or at a press scrum. (see here)

I’m just happy my post caused a reporter to inquire and confirm some details from the race organizers which I haven’t been able to get so far:

Joe Duvall
Operations Manager
Run Ottawa

I see that Justin Trudeau took part in the Ottawa Army Run under bib #20603 yet his name does not appear in your data base. Was he not a registered participant?




Were you the photographer who came to the office early on race day?

There are a number of reasons why he does not appear but the first place to start is his race number.  Do you know what number he was wearing?  Please send it to me and I can get to the bottom of it.


Joe Du Vall


Hi Joe

Thank you for your quick response.

No, that was not me….the race number on the bib was 20603.



Hi Joe

I’m following up on whether you have confirmed Justin Trudeau was properly registered to be a participant in your Ottawa Army Run.

Thank you


Update: The run’s organizer wants no more part of this:

Dean, all queries about this have to go through the Canadian Army Run media.

Please contact Kristina Davis at

Joe Du Vall

Run Ottawa


24 Responses to “Postmedia calls me a conspiracy theorist for asking about Trudeau’s Army Run registration”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Run Shiny Pony Run

  2. ohboy Says:

    Perhaps Justin feels that if you are at least there in ‘spirit’, then actual full participation is not so important.
    One only has to look at the countless number of facebook ‘likes’ to realize that there are a lot of today’s folks out there that only participate if its not overly strenuous. Something like exercise your finger by pressing a key.

    Justin and his entourage need to ‘come out’ with proof as to just how much real ‘ participaction ‘ the young lad actually put into this latest photo-op.

  3. Michael Harkov Says:

    If this allegation is true, all it does is confirm what we already know – that Trudeau is a disingenuous fake. But kudos in sniffing out another illustration of why that is so. 😀

  4. Michael Harkov Says:

    A Liberal party spokesperson reached at a different office suggested reporters could ask Trudeau in person or at a press scrum.

    Oh the could……….but they won’t. Wouldn’t want to make their messiah answer for himself.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    Hmm a “conspiracy theorist” The conspiracy being what exactly?
    Is there a conspiracy to keep Justin’s smiling face and empty head in front of us 24/7?
    Did Justin Trudeau particapate or did he not particapate?
    Pretty simple question, it’s not like you asked what he would have done differently had he been Prime Minister.
    No wait, that was 3 Liberal wanna-be’s ago.

    One thing he is running from is answering this question JMO

  6. Liz J Says:

    If in fact he did run, was a legitimate entry there should be no reason for ANYONE involved witht e race to give you the run around for answers. He either did run or he borrowed a bib, got his picture taken for the media maggots , which is it. I’m guessing he was neither registered or a full participant, if he were we’d be hearing more about his time etc. Leave it to the Liberals to crash a race and make a mockery of all the real entries who entered by the rules and finished the race for the cause.

    Is there no end to these jackass antics? Trudeau would be smart to go into intense political training, he can’t even handle questions on world or domestic affairs without talking gibberish.

  7. morri Says:

    kind of a yes or no question, is it not?

  8. ianinamman Says:

    I just sent him a friendly message asking how he did at the race. We’ll see if he or his assistant relies.

  9. ianinamman Says:

    So is that what consists of professional journalism in Canada these days. People have been taking shots at the Tories for the past 7 years and I haven’t heard of journalists writing attack editorials with all the name calling. I guess there are standards then there are standards.

    • BC Blue Says:


      Glen McGregor ‏@glen_mcgregor 24 Sep

      .@RobACooper Have you seen Fringe cranks are responsible for most of the content.

  10. Brad maynard Says:

    You think you ruffled some feathers? Lol. What a loser little JT is.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I certainly did 😉

      Whenever a conservative blogger breaks a story the Media Party doesn’t want us to, we are smeared as “cranks” and “conspiracy theorists”

  11. ohboy Says:

    I am surprised that if JT had run this race from start to finish then there should be a whole waft of pics of him at the starting line etc.

    JT has enough groupies including MSM in his fold that I can’t believe there aren’t pre-race pics with the dauphin smiling at the starting line… plastered all over social media.

    Come now Justin….all you have to do is publicly confirm that you ran the full race

    Aside from the crickets…I am still eagerly waiting……

  12. MaryLS Says:

    How embarrassing. A photo op like this reveals Trudeau to be a complete phoney. Why did he not just appear as someone cheering on the side-lines. This makes it look like he is leading the pack. Boy, if people don’t feel manipulated by this, they are truly operating with their heads in the sand.

  13. MaryLS Says:

    Also — poor Stockwell Day was scoffed at for years because of his wet suit picture. (Actually that was not even faked — he actually did water sports). Surely, the media will not let this opportunity go by to expose Trudeau for the phoney he is. That picture is so shallow and manipulative. Really, the media is being seriously remiss not to expose this error in judgement.

  14. Liz J Says:

    Maybe Trudeau treated it as a relay, grabbed a bib and ran a couple yards and passed it on to the real owner of the bib and number. He looked so cute running with his hair all flowing back, I’m sure there were a lot of teens and even old Liberals with tingles up their legs.
    Whatever happened he sure as hell didn’t do a full run or it would be splashed all over the media. Silence tells the tale, another misleading photo-op of the disingenuous variety and a slap in the face to the real troopers who cared enough to to take part legitimately.

  15. ianinamman Says:

    I received a return email from Trudeau’s assistant who said that he was running with Andrew Leslie and got stopped more than a few times by other runners so his time was around 28 minutes.

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  17. Patricia Burke Says:

    My son is in the Canadian Military Service and participated again this year in the Ottawa Army Run – his finish time was 1:48. I’d be interested in learning whether or not Justin Trudeau actually participated in this years Army Run or if this was just a photo opt? My son’s name & number was pinned on the front of his jersey, noted Justin only had a number pinned on the front of his shirt.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Trudeau had a sticker saying “Justin” stuck over the person’s name that the bib belonged to

      • Patricia Burke Says:

        Guess ‘Justin’ wasn’t participating in the half marathon Army Run if his finish time was 28 minutes, just there for a photo opt using someone else’s bib

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