Trudeau’s economic ‘expert’ and Media Party super-star accused of driving Reuters website into the ground


Now that Chrystia Freeland has left Reuters as the Managing Director and Editor, Consumer News, there are apparently a few employees who are talking about what a disaster she was as their boss:

“The project came about through sheer force of will, without Chrystia’s championing, it never would have happened,” says one Reuters employee. “Monetization was not the priority, the priority was building something for the brand.”

But any effort to build a consumer-facing product that would serve up Reuters content yet not be an obvious revenue center was bound to run into some resistance from the existing organization, which includes over 2,000 journalists and derives significant revenues from sales of terminals like Bloomberg’s to business and newsroom clients.

“[Freeland] basically tried to build this thing outside of the entire operation,” says a former Reuters employee. “She had very little contact with the newsroom itself.”

As a result, sources on Reuters’ digital side said there was flat opposition to making the consumer-facing product as good or better than Reuters’ terminal and subscription products. Of the decision to kill Reuters Next, a different former employee said that “the direction the company now wants to go in is about giving power back to the profit centers and abandoning any innovation on the consumer side.” (see here)

So, did Freeland really come back to Canada because she was about to be fired from Reuters and needed a cushy new job as a Liberal MP?

Also: See earlier post where I linked Sun’s Ezra Levant exposing Freeland as an economic fraud here


11 Responses to “Trudeau’s economic ‘expert’ and Media Party super-star accused of driving Reuters website into the ground”

  1. brad maynard Says:

    cant remember the last time I saw a bigger airhead running for office. her and trudeau are like peas in a pod. both make we want to hurt my TV when they talk.

    • RJ65 Says:

      Sounds like a tipping point of a tipping point and in fact, a tipping point. Sorry, too good to pass up! Have a great day.

      • brad maynard Says:

        you forgot several *likes* in between your *tipping point* argument. also, I cannot be sure but if you didn’t bob and weave your head in several different directions at once, I simply cannot take you seriously. LOL

  2. Brent Siddons Says:

    phoniness, arrogance and prevarication just seems to be a natural outflow of liberalism

  3. Liz J Says:

    I suggest both Trudeau and his “star” candidate read Ignatieff the Great’s book “Fire and Ashes”, a sorehead account of his foray into Canadian politics with the Liberals. Of course they’re too dense to get anything out of it, neither know what the hell they’re doing or what they stand for until somebody feeds them something cooked up by what counts for the brains behind the outfit.

    • ianinamman Says:

      Well Ignatieff said just today what a great politician Trudeau is, calling him “a political beast”. Funny how the media turns to a political failure to give his opinion about someone’s political acumen.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Is “tipping points” the jargon du jour for the opposition groupies?
    Speaking of tipping points, the LPC has been at a tipping point for some time, Freeland and Trudeau are a great pair to tip it over and under.
    As a group they could be called the jackasses for the nondescript wannabes cabal.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    Iggy holds forth on Junior, the blind leading the blind imo.
    He shoulda called his book “They Fired Our Asses”
    Now that was a “Tipping Point”
    The green shift, all day day care and now a lotta pot.

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