Citizen’s McGregor calls most Blogging Tories “Fringe cranks”


The Media Party certainly didn’t like it when I posted about Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s questionable participation in the Ottawa Army Run.

First it was Postmedia’s Ismael N. Daro calling me a conspiracy theorist (see here) for daring to ask if Trudeau had properly registered even though Daro confirmed that the race’s database has no record of Trudeau.

Then the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor went full-smear to protect Trudeau and justify why no real reporter like himself would write such nutty things:

mcgregor blogging tories trudeauKeep in mind that McGregor is part of the Ottawa Press Gallery that has allowed the lunatic Lefty blog site in as a credentialed member (see here) and which is run by NDP MP Libby Davies’ wife Kim Elliott (see here).

Also, check out this tweet from McGregor in which he states Trudeau’s race finishing time was 43:44:

mcgregor trudeauJust by looking at McGregor’s physical attributes, it’s a pretty safe guess he doesn’t jog himself so that’s probably why he didn’t clue-in how bad that time would be for an in-shape 41 year old male. The time McGregor quoted is closer to an average runner doing 10km.  A 40 min 5km runner would finish close to last (see here) and the Liberals have said Trudeau finished the race in 28 minutes.

Missing that glaring detail puts McGregor in with us fringe bloggers or does he belong in a category all his own?

But hey, at least no one at the Citizen blogged about Harper’s Wafergate right?


20 Responses to “Citizen’s McGregor calls most Blogging Tories “Fringe cranks””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What adjective might McGregor apply to his home base Ottawa Citizen, fringe press would be an exaggeration.
    This paper continues to hemmorage money and lose readers. The biggest story last year was the collapse of a stage at the annual retro-rock festival, hugely supported by the Citizen; a worker broke a leg.
    Past few days writers like McGregor show not the slightest interest in the ramblings of David Suzuki and the diplomatic blunders he inflicts on our Australian friends. Fringe press indeed.

    • Guffman Says:

      Indeed, a deafening silence from the ENTIRE media party on Suzuki’s massive melt-down-under – not a peep -McGregor included. All of them just ignoring the nutty old fool and hoping the story just goes away, so he can remain their Canadian green champion. In the past three days, Ezra Levant has just eviscerated Suzuki, and completely exposed the old phony for the ignorant alarmist and hypocrite he is.
      As far as the Army Run… a HIGH PROFILE runner like Justin Trudeau and no one at the race has a record of his registration?! C’mon McGregor, pull the other one… my guess is he grabbed someone’s bib who had already finished, jumped in from the bushes and ran the last half-k to the finish line.

      • Liz J Says:

        We can only assume Trudeau did a few laps for the cameras with a borrowed bib and possibly borrowed pants, he could have changed in the bushes for all we know. No information on his run is forthcoming so he simply did not do the run. Another trick for the scam artists in the LPC.

        As for “fringe cranks”, it’s better than being phony baloney journalists, high on tabloid and short on facts if they don’t fit their agenda.

        The Ottawa Citizen is a dying paper, a wrapper for dog poop.

  2. Alain Says:

    Speaking of cranks and crackpots McGregor would be at the top of the list. Furthermore poor McGregor is definitely on the fringe and remains totally unconnected with mainstream Canadians.

  3. Bec Says:

    Who, What, Where, When and Why,… the 5 ‘W’s of awesome journalism.
    Now that is something the so-called journalists who walk around doing nothing but write/speak editorials should start remembering and then do.

    The questions raised re this race are not ‘crank’y questions at least not by people who actually know a thing or two about these events so to Mr McGregor, there are a bunch of red flags and raising them is not even close to being a ‘fringe crank’. Those comments are insulting from you and you should really behave more like a professional journalist. Knowing your politics, your biases puts you in exactly the same place and labels you in the exact same way as you have labelled everyday Canadians, “a fringe crank”!

    Except YOU are the journalist and YOU shouldn’t be doing anything more in that role than tell the truth via the 5 ‘W’s’! The personal politics should be left at home.

  4. mahmood Says:

    Seeing the lickspittle McGregor has two step-daughters perhaps he could revive his deflowering contest or revive his career as a peeler DJ and introduce them onstage if they happen to follow in step-dad’s footsteps. Let’s watch this crank’s life unfold.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Even though McGregor has done what he has ie that ‘deflower contest’, we shouldn’t follow him into the gutter and be above bringing family into it.

    • Agent Smith Says:

      I’m not familar with the guys history and even if i did your note would still be jarring/gutter talk.

  5. Pissedoff Says:

    Looking at that pic, if it was Rob Ford, McGregor and all the other lefty media maggots would be accusing him of being stoned on drugs.

  6. Martin Says:

    Conrad Black described The Citizen just before purchasing it as “a cheap purveyor of soft liberal mush.”
    or words to that effect, Nothing currently published detracts from his description.
    Their cadre of feminist columnists, along with Maher & McGregor have never accepted the results of the 2011 federal election. Elections Canada, Council of Canadians, Supreme Court. some one can surely make a do over, so we can have a properly accepted federal government? A long list of Chretien era mandarins have access to the pages to whine about the decline of “International influence”, since the glory days of UN “soft power”.
    As its readership dwindles, The Citizen grows ever more shrill for a return to the days when its voice on the opinion pieces actually carried some weight.

  7. dddddancetotheradio Says:

    I can walk four miles in an hour.
    When I was in Saskatoon, if I missed the bus the next one came a half hour later.
    And it took a half hour to get home on the bus because it was a real milk run.
    So, rather than wait, I’d get some exercise.

  8. ChuckT Says:

    Here is Trudeau finishing with Leslie at 30:04 into the video. His finish time is 28:44. His bib still doesn’t register in the sportstats database. Has anyone been able to track down the original bib owner? I believe the name was Leslie Philippa.

    • ianinamman Says:

      At 36:48 the guy on the ladder got up and set the clock on the left to synchronize at 22:00 with the clock on the right. Anyone know what that was about? He must be in great shape eh? Not even a hint of being out of breath after 5k. Wow!

  9. Liz J Says:

    Anyone can run through a finish line, doesn’t prove they completed a full race. We need the proof, as in “a proof is a proof…., if it is proven, it’s a real proof…” or something like that. It seems rather a putdown of all who followed the rules and registered and got a bib and number and had their time listed. It’s not good publicity for the event.

    BTW, was McGregor doing the beer boogie celebrating as a leader of the Trudeau admiration society of what passes for journalistic integrity?

  10. Stan Says:

    This from the guys who insisted Chief Spence was on a 6 week hunger strike?

  11. brianmouland Says:

    McGregor makes Surfer Guy on TMZ look like a top flight journalist

  12. Krysta Says:

    Note that Conservative MP Ryan Leef did the half marathon for that Army Run and placed 25th out of 8530 participants, with a time of 1:20:49! MP Leef is the same age as Justin Trudeau, I think.

  13. Liz J Says:

    Still hearing crickets on Trudeau’s pseudo run…..
    Guess he got swallowed up in the crowd, skipped off and showed up at the finish line.

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