Video: Global reporter breaks law? Enters and refuses to leave MP’s property

del mastro

What does this Global News reporter thinks she is doing going on to MP Dean Del Mastro’s property and then when asked to leave, won’t? (watch here)

Are there not laws in Canada to protect one’s right to private property or are the media above it?

Update: I’ve been told that the reporter is Christina Stevens



15 Responses to “Video: Global reporter breaks law? Enters and refuses to leave MP’s property”

  1. Lloyd Snauwaert Says:

    I remember when this happened when Maggie left Pierre…oh…wait…

    • ianinamman Says:

      Talking to a Liberal the other say about Maggie and he thought it was all folly. ” oh yeah she was something else eh, poor Pierre”. Then he changed the subject. The Liberals in Canada give so much latitude to this kind of stuff and keep wanting to change the channel unless it was Harper’s wife then it would be, ” can you imagine the PM’s wife acting like that! She’s an embarrassment to the country. We need a new PM”.

  2. Manitoba Fay Says:

    Dean Del mastro politely asks her to leave his family alone and she promptly follows him onto his property.
    i believe CTV Danielle Haminjen did the same thing to Mike Duffy and also his wife.
    At least the toronto star stays on the backyard fence to spy on Rob Fords family.
    Media parties special treatment for Conservatives.

  3. Bec Says:

    Gutter Journalism…….I repeat GUTTER Journalism.
    These are the same type of journalists who A) think they are and B) will report that they see conservatives in flying saucers but won’t tell us about …..hmmmm say hmmmm anything about hmmmm a Liberal leader who hmmmm charges $$$ cash to charities….hmmmmm…..because if it were not for blogs, we would not know.

    However…this goes NATIONAL…..
    These people are disgusting.

  4. ianinamman Says:

    Typical obnoxious journalism. The headline is no better than what you would expect from a tabloid. “Del Mastro refuses to answer questions…” What does he owe this fresh out of Ryerson College reporter? I have never in my 52 years seen such unprofessional journalism here in Canada as I’ve seen when it comes to hunting down and harassing Conservative politicians. Rob Ford is the poster boy for this. Let the legal process deal with Del Mastro not Global News! Kudos to Del Mastro for keeping his cool and not giving Global any footage that they could use against him and the party. I have been seriously thinking about moving from Ontario when I retire. Do I have to leave the country?

    • Sue Says:

      She’s not fresh out of j-school. Until now the North Vancouver born reporter has done mostly good work for Global Natl TV but this has the ring of a producer demanding shock n awe coercive nonsense.

  5. Liz J Says:

    DelMastro has been charged, not proven guilty. Do these tabloid twits not know we live in a country that allows for court hearings before a person is declared guilty of anything?
    Del Mastro is a smart man, he doesn’t speak to twits.

  6. paulsstuff Says:

    Parliament isn’t sitting. She could have gone to his constituency office if she really was only interested in asking questions pathetic.

  7. Jen Says:

    I guess that stevens doesn’t mind people trespassing on her home property.

  8. Sean M Says:

    Once again, typical lefty, “progressive” (marxist) media tactics. This silly girl is ordered to stalk Del Mastro with all of the breathless hysteria and sensationalism she can muster… which she anxiously accepts… it’s all an act. Not as breathlessly silly and ridiculous as Justine Trudopes act, but an act nonetheless. The “progressive” elitist lefty media in co-ordination with the Liberal corrupted Elections (Liberal) Canada are attempting to manufacture a certain perception of the Conservative Government as being as corrupt as the Trudope Party. IMO, it won’t work and EC’s witch hunt against Del Mastro and the Conservative Government will ultimately fail. Like the media manufactured “Robocalls” story, or the supposed “Senate scandal”, it’s all about creating and maintaining a false narrative, a narrative that is all about perception, not reality. IMO, Del Mastro will fight this Elections (Liberal) Canada smear campaign and win, at least he now knows what the “charges” are all about. As for the reporter, she’s a useful idiot playing games on behalf of the Trudope Party election machine. When you have an imbecile like Justine Trudope as your “leader” you have to resort to these manufactured smears of your opponents, it’s all they’ve got. Of course it’s also important to ignore pretty much everything that drops out of the tiny mind of the idiot your trying to get elected… 50 % hysteria, sensationalism, and gotcha journalism against your opponent, and 50% omission of the facts about the moron your attempting to get elected.

  9. Liz J Says:

    The only reason any reporter would go after a person in politics, especially a Conservative,accused/charged with something is to get them into the media and make it a bigger story, make sure it gets played over and over to exact the most damage.
    When DelMastro is cleared the reporting will be almost non-existent.
    IMO it’s Elections Canada who should be looked into, any charges taking years to come forward should be highly suspect. This charge is coming out at an opportune time for the opposition to use along with the Senate charges to paint the Conservatives as scandal ridden.

  10. Bubba Brown Says:

    Exactly Sean M the We love Justin club is doing all they can to keep their negative narriative in their “news”.
    Remember all the stories about “Robo-calls” one a day for 100 days.
    Batman and Robin even got an award, don’t hear much about that now do we?
    Harassing someone on private property is a new low even for Media Maggots.
    It’s not like he was charging a charity 20,000 $ for a 20 minute platitude puke.
    Elections Canada will draw this out as long as they can, they are corrupt, we can expect more of the same.
    Looking at the Prince of Pot, what else have they got?
    Watched Justin get punked by a middle aged Mom, same age as Justin BTW, at a food bank.
    Him trying to control pot by making it more available is so junior high, haven’t thought this through silly.
    He really feels threatened when he is questioned

  11. brianmouland Says:

    Was she dressed in warrior princess costume?

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