Trudeau was told about his economic star running Reuters website into the ground


I ran across this very interesting tweet from Ray Heard that states an aide to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau told him Trudeau was fully aware that his Toronto Centre candidate Chrystia Freeland was a flop at Reuters:

heard freelandLooks like Trudeau’s inner circle isn’t interested in taking blame for their boss’ lack of judgment.

Also: See earlier post on Freeland’s staff at Reuters outing her here


7 Responses to “Trudeau was told about his economic star running Reuters website into the ground”

  1. ianinamman Says:

    All this tweeting never seems to make it into the news for some unknown reason (he wrote, with tongue planted firmly in cheek). It only seems to be publicized when Harper does something like stop to congratulate a bride and groom taking photos in Rockcliffe Park in Ottawa, then gets asked by the couple if they can get a photo with him, for instance. Of course the anti-Harperites were all over that calling it a shameless photo op. If Trudeau did that they would be gushing that he’s such a down to earth man of the people.

    • Jen Says:

      Justin may have a lot of people on side but he belongs to unions, extremists to use with as they please.
      No amount of media would be able to protect him. In fact, are just as bad and too will be used left right and center as well.

  2. Liz J Says:

    The way things are shaping up with Justin at the helm is looking more and more like the next Liberal Gong Show. What’s this, the third in a row?

    • Guffman Says:

      I would say fourth… Martin was the first of this run. Chretien wasn’t a great PM either, but he wasn’t as incompetent and bumbling as everyone following him has been. Sad part is, I truly think Liberals are hitting the bottom of the barrel (and that’s saying A LOT after Mr. Dithers, Green Shaft Dion and ‘Just Visiting’ Iggy) with ‘In over his head’ Trudeau, who’s only assets seem to be shiny smile, coiffed hair, and a (in)famous last name. Not a clue on anything except pot laws, dude.

  3. Jen Says:

    Would Freeland do to CBC, CTV, PPG, and other lame-brain MM, the same thing she did to Reuters. I hope so!
    She might dam well do a severe damage to those empty heads MM if they dare go against her prize-Trudeau.
    At least for the employees of Reuters, they saw the damage she inflicted on them to leave and seek employment elsewhere. Unfortunately, the suckers we have are too afraid to do so–resign-and seek employment elsewhere.

  4. Bec Says:

    When all else fails…..ACT like you are successful then enter politics for the expense acct and gold plated pension. Typical Socialist!

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