Trudeau’s senior adviser is in weed-growing business

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In a story about how the Conservative government is going to revamp the corrupted medicinal marijuana grow-op industry, comes this nugget:

Chuck Rifici of Tweed Inc. has applied for a licence to produce medical weed in an abandoned Hershey chocolate factory in hard-scrabble Smiths Falls, Ont.

Rifici, who is also a senior adviser to Trudeau, was cited in a Conservative cabinet minister’s news release Friday that said the Liberals plan to “push pot,” with no reference to Health Canada’s own encouragement of marijuana entrepreneurs.

Rifici says he’s trying to help a struggling community by providing jobs while giving suffering patients a quality product.

“There’s a real need,” he said in an interview. “You see what this medicine does to them.”

Tweed Inc. proposes to produce at least 20 strains to start, and will reserve 10 per cent of production for compassionate, low-cost prescriptions for impoverished patients, he says. (see here)

This doesn’t put both Trudeau and Rifici in a massive conflict of interest and do we now know where Trudeau gets his weed from?

Update: How deep are the ties Rifici has with the Liberals?

Most controversial, however, is president and CEO Chuck Rifici, who has a lengthy financial and entrepreneurial ties but is closely linked to the Liberal Party of Canada – serving as CFO to its national board of directors (see here)

Update: Sun’s Ezra Levant shows that this company has 3 top Liberal insiders running it (see here)


11 Responses to “Trudeau’s senior adviser is in weed-growing business”

  1. Liz J Says:

    If Trudeau were a Conservative leader the media would be hammering on it 24/7. Selling and possessing marijuana is illegal, Trudeau admitted smoking it since he’s been a sitting MP, he had to both buy it and possess it in order to smoke it. An MP who knowingly broke the law and admitted it is hardly a role model for young people.

  2. Nicola T. Says:

    Interesting. But let’s not throw accusations around, even jokingly, as Jacques Duchesneau is doing in Quebec with André Boisclair about where he got his supposed cocaine from.

  3. Bec Says:

    I know what this product does plus I understand what any product does to alleviate pain but it is still addictive. Such as T3, T4 Oxy,….Despite their legal status, they are dismal solutions because of their addictive nature. If there is to be an operational status of medicinal pot, i.e. growing it, I personally believe it should be done by the pharmaceutical industry and managed as such by Physicians. Certainly not by willy-nilly investors who also have political connections….ANY political connection.

    These drugs are dangerous and in the wrong hands, horribly addictive. Control is essential and God help the families who live with the topsy turvy nightmares associated with the personality disruptions because despite what the users and abusers say, they ARE mind altering.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Who is to say legal pot grow-ops would not be the start of rampant prescribing of the stuff?
    As far as I know people smoke pot to get high, it’s not for the smell or the taste. If it’s a pain reliever for some problems not relieved by conventional pain management. I’m betting there aren’t that many who would require it or for long periods.

    Reading history of “bootlegging alcohol, many Physicians in small towns were the big suppliers of “medicine” bottles of booze. Could the same happen with pot?
    Have to wonder if all this doesn’t tie in with a Trudeau Liberal plan to at least decriminalize the stuff ?

  5. andycanuck Says:

    On the bright side, maybe Chrystia Freeland will be in charge of day-to-day operations at the plant. (They will be calling it a “plant”, won’t they?)

  6. Photo: Winnipeg resident challenges Trudeau on talking to school kids about legalizing weed | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] Sexton didn’t let Trudeau off with just that as she also challenged him on the Liberal Party’s CFO owning a weed grow-op (see here): […]

  7. bocanut Says:

    First there was air farmer extrordinaire Mike “Creepy” Crawley president of Ontario Liberals now President of the federal Liberal party ripping off Ontario taxpayers for billions aided by a lot of help from his friend McGuinty.
    Now we have Chuck Rifici, CFO of the Liberal party getting a lot of help from Trudeau to push his hootage biz along.
    Airheads and potheads united under the Liberal banner, gorging themselves in the trough of taxpayer dollars.

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