Did I catch CP’s biz reporter acting as cell phone companies’ press secretary?

Heather Scoffield

A perfect example of how a reporter could be willing to forgo ethical journalism in order to push a corporate agenda is this story by CP’s LuAnn LaSalle on how wireless companies need to increase their prices or go bankrupt:

Canada’s new wireless companies have undercut Rogers, Bell and Telus by more than half on some voice and data cellphone packages in recent years, but those “dirt cheap” prices aren’t sustainable, according to a new report.

Wind Mobile, Public Mobile and Mobilicity — which is now under creditor protection — will need to raise their prices if they want to survive and expand their networks, the Convergence Consulting Group said Tuesday. (see here)

What LaSalle doesn’t mention is that Convergence lists Rogers, Bell and Telus as clients of theirs (see here) which makes any ‘study’ done by them completely unreliable.

I won’t even get into that Bell is part of the CTV/Globe and Mail which is a huge customer of CP’s and is also not mentioned in her story.

I’ve asked CP’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Heather Scoffield to explain:

schoffieldAnd will update if I receive a response.





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