Calgary mayor Nenshi’s ex-campaign manager Stephen Carter taunts Preston Manning in media

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Things are starting to turn nasty in Calgary as Naheed Nenshi has sent out Stephen Carter to trash Preston Manning for daring to not back Nenshi:

Carter says Preston Manning should have run against Nenshi if he wanted to defeat the mayor’s vision.

And then doubles-down by accusing anti-Nenshi candidates of being corrupt:

Carter goes after those he says “fund candidates who are selling their votes.” (see here)

Slander much?




9 Responses to “Calgary mayor Nenshi’s ex-campaign manager Stephen Carter taunts Preston Manning in media”

  1. Liz J Says:

    So, Mr Manning as a citizen doesn’t have the right to back or support whoever he pleases?

  2. wilson Says:

    If Nenshi sent out his attack dog, internal numbers might not be looking that good.
    Ezra exposed Nenshi using taxpayers funds and making a promo video for one of his pet enviro organizations.
    That kind of crap doesn’t go over well here, no matter how you vote.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Municipal politics is closest to the people, it’s a little easier to get to know those who want to run your city or town, no excuses for not paying attention to what they’re about. As an outsider far from Calgary why should I know much of anything about the Mayor of that city? In the case of Nenshi he seems to be well known and seems to like it that way, he made his presence known when he visited Toronto by making a snide remark about mayor Ford. I’d say he has political ambitions far from city hall.

  4. Michael Harkov Says:

    Why would anyone have to run against Nenshi just to oppose him? What, only someone who is part of the political elite is permitted that?

    What an arrogant little twit.

    • ohboy Says:

      Exactly MH
      So many of today’s politicians see themselves as STARS and above the common crowd. I’ll note this especially with the present Alberta premier and her progressive crowd and of course Nenshi.
      And Liz J, you are right about Calgary’s present mayor having greater political aspirations . A good drubbing at the polls is in order to give these people a reality check.!
      As Conservatives well know, a progressive’s idea of inclusive extends only as far as those that subscribe to the same brand of inclusiveness.

  5. Robert Says:

    We have included your blog in the “Around the Blog” section of our website.

  6. ianinamman Says:

    Hopefully the voters of Calgary will buck the trend if low voter turnout and get rid of this bum. It doesn’t surprise me that Nenshi has called out his attack dogs. Just look at the recent attack on Harper by one of Obama’s minions. I truly believe that Liberalism is a disease. All you have to do is read all the anti Conservative comments on or the CBC. No matter what Harper does, the left find fault. To me this is a form of mental illness because it has become an obsession. I find Conservatives willing to look at the whole issue and not always see it with blue colored glasses.

    • Liz J Says:

      Not living in Calgary the only interest I have in Nenshi getting re-elected is he may get an ego boost and run federally. IMO we can do without another Liberal clown.

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