Lunatic Lefty site Rabble going broke

kim elliott

Pardon me while I enjoy knowing that NDP MP Libby Davies’ spouse, Kim Elliott is apparently having her website go down the toilet:

Derrick O’Keefe, Rabble’s editor, has been terminated, without cause. Unfortunately, I cannot continue to contribute, or encourage others to contribute, to a publication which has gone so far astray from its original goals.

For the last ten months I have served as Quebec Bureau Chief without pay, after being told the site ran out of money to pay my salary. I did so out of a loyalty to Rabble, a loyalty which I now feel was taken advantage of, as I was strung along with promises that as soon as money could be found I would be paid. (see here)

Today is a sweet, sweet day. Schadenfreude!




21 Responses to “Lunatic Lefty site Rabble going broke”

  1. jfa Says:

    There well may be light at the end of the socialist tunnel!!!

  2. Pissedoff Says:

    Aw come on, when you read the heartfelt letter you have to feel sorry for them.(sarc)

  3. Comdo Says:

    Karma… I particularly like this part “Likewise, if we wish to criticize right wing media outlets for their bias, we cannot allow our own outlets to censor legitimate opinions for being critical of organizational funders or political parties which share our politics”

  4. Tim Says:

    Imagine that…Lefty whacko bullies who think they’re above the law. Say it ain’t so!

  5. Jen Says:

    I only can guess that the occupiers occupying CBC will come to aid. After all, Rabble reporters like the rest of the nation pay CBC.
    CBC occupiers, guess who come calling- your pals, from We need money which you have from us.

  6. Agent Smith Says:

    To paraphrase Maggie Thatcher; “The problem with socialism is what happens when u run out of other people’s money ?…”

  7. dddddancetotheradio Says:

    I tried to post on rabble a couple of times trying to have a discussion on something that was seemingly liberal in nature and that they should have agreed with because they really do.
    Those people are vicious and they don’t want to debate anything if you self identify as a fiscal conservative with a bit of a libertarian bent on some social issues.

    On a side note, why do lefties never have real jobs?
    Why do they always have to get paid to produce things that conservatives do for free because they believe in what they are doing?
    Why do they always need to be paid trolls?
    I have never heard of anyone on our side getting paid to throw up comment flak during elections or any other time.
    Maybe I am naive.

  8. mahmood Says:

    There’s 10 months he’ll never get back.

  9. Michael Harkov Says:

    Oh, this is just too precious – statement: “We thank Ethan Cox for his contributions as a freelance writer and a blogger for rabble in the past, but we wish to clarify that Mr. Cox does not currently have a contract with rabble, nor is he employed by rabble, and thus we are confused by his “resignation” (particularly as he recently announced that he is on a hiatus from journalism). With respect to Mr. O’Keefe, will not comment publicly on the reasons for his departure, suffice it to say that Mr. Cox is misinformed. confirms its commitment and adherence to the values that we have always espoused, including labour rights, due process and a healthy and respectful workplace.”

    Leftards at their finest. Hahahahaha!!!! 😀

  10. ianinamman Says:

    Yeah I was getting all choked up reading about how the left is so hard done by the mainstream media.

    • Agent Smith Says:

      ‘snuf to bring a tear to a glass eye it is…i’m wringing my hands in abject anguish

  11. brad maynard Says:

    in arguing with a local socialist, I told him that we have reached the point of diminishing returns for socialism. the govt needs to take more and more simply to maintain the veneer that things are as they should be. his response? (crickets)

  12. Robert Says:

    We have included your post in our “Around the Blogs” section at

  13. Jen Says:


    Do not forget this which the MM want you to do.

    Trudeau says Canada belongs to Quebec

    “Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn’t work,” Trudeau said in French to interviewer Patrick Lagace on the Tele-Quebec program Les francs-tireurs (The Straight Shooters).

    BTW, Alberta oilsands revenues gives Quebec $7billion this year.

    So, when the media continues to protect and prep Trudeau just remember you belong to Quebec including all those western reporters.
    Also remember, Trudeau says that he does not support the keystone Pipelines, yet he and Mulcair willing accept the billions of dollars from the very province of Albertan he Trudeau insults.

  14. Don from BC Says:

    Someone actually married Libby Davies?

    Well, this just proves that there is somebody out there for everyone.

  15. Stan Says:

    “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”….except for that first bit…
    Funny how the self described caring social justice crowd has such a hard time raising money from all their caring comrades.

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