Senator Brazeau substance abuse hit-piece by Global reporter Laura Stone


It’s bad enough to run a story that claims a politician has an addiction to alcohol or drugs but to use anonymous sources like Global’s Laura Stone did to do so is beyond defensible:

Two senators speaking only on background because of the personal nature of the issue told Global News several members of the upper chamber were worried about Brazeau’s behavior.

“You can’t force people to get help,” the senator said.

Senators say they approached Brazeau about potential substance problems in March 2012, August 2012 and February 2013.

One senator said there have been concerns Brazeau had alcohol and drug problems. Another believes Brazeau is currently facing mental health issues unrelated to substance use. (see here)

How many Press Gallery members or employees at Global would like their names dragged through the mud like this? If I wrote two people told me Stone was a chronic druggie or boozer, would that be ok with her?

And it’s not like Stone hasn’t been caught before not telling the whole truth (see here).



12 Responses to “Senator Brazeau substance abuse hit-piece by Global reporter Laura Stone”

  1. Ian Says:

    She’s just as bad as Robert Fife and his unnamed sources. Oh well time to get writing. I see her boss, Ron Waksman, wrote a piece excusing her use of anonymous senators as being ok. Apparently the senators didn’t want to use their names because of the sensitive nature of the issue and they didn’t want it to look like they were ganging up on him. What a load! They even had the nerve to mention the name of a rehab centre near Ottawa that they referred Brazeau to. The director of the Centre of course was contacted because these idiot journalists never heard of Doctor/ patient privacy, but were told to buzz off. What is most laughable is that Waksman says that Global “always” prefers to name its sources, “but this story is in the public domain and offers explanations and context for Brazeau’s troubled behaviour”. Translation: “yeah we usually like to name our sources, but this opportunity to slag a conservative Senator was too good to pass up”. I hope there’s a nice juicy lawsuit coming down the pipe here. Those Senators who spoke to Stone, if the story is true, should be outed and canned.

  2. Ian Says:

    Sent off my letter to Global. I’ll see what I get back.

  3. Pissedoff Says:

    Just like the Red Rag and Whine and Whail did to Rob Ford. Lefties are good at being lying bas**rds

  4. Bec Says:

    Why is it always ‘Lefties’ who demonstrate how heartless and judgemental they are?
    This is a despicable piece for her to sign her name too and shame on her and her bosses for allowing it.

  5. jmw Says:

    Here’s my comment to global. “Ms Stone—the opportunity to do some political slagging may be just as good a motive to “inform the public”, but it doesn’t pass the smell test. This is gossip, junk journalism, if neither you nor your sources have the courage to stand and be identified.”

  6. andycanuck Says:

    If they’re so concerned about his well-being, shouldn’t they be willing to make their names public?

    • BC Blue Says:

      Were they even really senators?

      • Liz J Says:

        IF the “sources” were Senators they’re really are not of the highest on the ethical or decency scale. People of quality do not indulge in or abide what amounts to gossip with gossip mongering muck seekers who call themselves journalists/reporters. It’s amazing there’s not a lot more litigation. It’s not that they have any sympathy or concern for any individual, it’s all about anyone who happens to be Conservative.

        In the case of the Senate, a Conservative appointee gets turned inside out like Duffy and Wallin who allegedly spent some thousands and repaid or are repaying. If they want to talk turkey about something that’s a real fact, they should all be talking about the screwing the Ontario people got at the hands of McGuinty’s Liberal government over the gas plant fiasco to the tune of a billion plus and could grow higher, this is really a national story, a lot of people will be paying inside and outside Ontario through equalization to a have-not province but no, they’re Liberals, they’ll bury it.

  7. Tom Says:

    To be fair-minded, surely they ought to check Justin’s behaviour, since he is an admitted drug abuser (though I’m sure he didn’t inhale). It would make good headlines for the Toronto Star, police surveying Justin’s supplier!

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