David Suzuki co-owns BC island property with oil company

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In a scathing segment yesterday (watch full episode here) Sun News’ Ezra Levant exposed David Suzuki’s property ownership here in BC.

Of the 4 properties Suzuki has, one is co-owned by Kootenay Oil:


And another is a downtown Vancouver ocean front mansion valued at over $8,000,000:

suzuki house

Think about all the Vancouver-based reporters who have never exposed Suzuki’s lavish life-style that leaves such a massive carbon footprint.


19 Responses to “David Suzuki co-owns BC island property with oil company”

  1. Frances Says:

    And just who are Kootenay Oil Distributors Ltd. anyway? A Google search turned up nothing. Implication of name is that they would be operating in SE British Columbia.

  2. ianinamman Says:

    That photo is priceless. Look at how the lefties exploit their kids for the cause. I wonder if Suzuki is going to invite the occupy crowd to his mansion for Thanksgiving turkey.

  3. Jen Says:

    4 homes Suzuki has, yet he tells us how to conserve energy. Suzuki said that climate deniers should go to jail.
    I think that he should be made to return the monies he got for his phoney foundation or go to jail.

  4. Bec Says:

    It’s not like we didn’t suspect that he had to be a 1%-er (as are many of the hypocrites from the left) but why do so many from the left bow to these people once they are exposed?

    The Media Party know this stuff and yet regularly dumb down to protect the insanity of the hypocrisy. That Kool-Aid must be laced with a massive dose of double standard which also makes them look and sound as incompetent as they are..

    • Jen Says:

      Farmers have a better knowledge of the environment than Suzuki ever will.
      Will you go around charging innocent people big dollars to tell them about the environment- of course not.
      I just wish that the Aussie twitters will take note to tell their friends in Australian particularly after Suzuki slammed the Australian PM as well as our PM.
      Suzuki wants us to use less while he uses more of energy and Fossil Fuel.

      Forget about the media they belong to radicals to spin around to the radicals content.

      • ianinamman Says:

        Another example of the double standard is how King David can openly criticize the leader of one of the larger commonwealth countries and have his criticism virtually ignored or hidden, yet our Foreign Affairs minister is lambasted in the media for questioning the validity if the election process in a tiny country like the Maldives. Yes Baird represents our government but Suzuki seems to have free reign when it comes to hurling insults to all and sundry whom he views as deniers.

  5. Martin Says:

    Kate McMillan’s readers searched for photos of Fruit Fly’s seaside abode a few years ago. I have never seen it until now; not quite in keeping with the image he advocates, for others of course. Just like he lectures high school kids to abstain from having children; he himself has five.
    Why exactly does he need 3 other houses? It would be comforting if some reporters other than, Levant put these reasonable questions to the good Dr. Not much chance of that.

    • andycanuck Says:

      The place’s property tax value was $5-million IIRC, Martin. I think one of Kate’s regulars found a photo of it too from a real estate source.

      When I told an eco-believer friend about it (and that it can only be reached by boat or helicopter) and he had other houses too, he grasped at the (made-up) straw that he was sure the house had all sorts of green systems so it probably used less juice than a regular-person’s house so it was okay. The friend isn’t a leftist so I didn’t mention the hypocrisy of a socialist owning such properties but I’ll remember it for future use just to show the Doctor can’t be trusted.

  6. BDFT Says:

    There has to be a money trail from environmentalist 1%ers like the good doctor to the media. I don’t know what or where it is but they can’t all be useful idiots, can they? I grant you that many of them are but there must be some, at or near the top, that aren’t that stupid. There has to be something in it for them.

    • Jen Says:

      Remember when Liz May said -Canadians are stupid. Well, she is correct. Suzuki knows where and who to confuse dictate too. I notice that he has not told the aboriginals to abandon their gas guzzling trucks for a energy saver car or told CBC to shut down most its building to conserve energy since nothing constructive is done there.

    • Gary Cockrell Says:

      I think you’d find the “money trail” wends its way through a lot of “Registered Societies”. The Society Act is a bit of joke and absolutely no one pays attention to Societies.

  7. Liz J Says:

    C’mon folks, the Fly Doc’s oil company would be clean oil, none of that dirty tar. He could probably use it to tame his wild mane it’s so pure.

  8. Dl Says:


  9. chamel Says:

    Most scientists take real issue with Suzuki.

  10. c. r. aiello Says:

    This type of thing has gone on since, well, since forever. The slick talking, socialist, fascist, environmentalist, take your pick , leads a flock of those who cannot think for themselves, or are deluded into thinking that this person is the savior. Hitler was going to save the German people, Lenin was going to save the Russian people, Pierre Trudeau was going to lead Canadians to a “Just Society”,etc, etc . David Suzuki is no different. His flock believes he will lead them to an environmental utopia. The thing with all these, is that they couldn’t really give a damn about people, or their well being. They all made pretty sure to take real good care of themselves. The best houses, the best cars, the best food, they made sure that they lacked for nothing, all while telling “the people” to make do with less, all for the good of your neighbor.

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