National Post’s Jonathan Kay shows how much he despises Sun News’ conservative readers and viewers


There was a day when the National Post was Canada’s greatest newspaper and taking vicious swipes at conservatives would probably end up getting you fired but those days are long gone as this tweet from columnist Jonathan Kay attests:

kayBesides being in extremely bad taste, think about a journalist dumping so callously on people who should instead be encouraged to buy the newspaper they work at. Brilliant marketing huh?

For more evidence of how far the National Post has fallen, see this earlier post on Jonathan Kay and Andrew Coyne attending an event at the downtown elite Liberal Rosedale Club here.


10 Responses to “National Post’s Jonathan Kay shows how much he despises Sun News’ conservative readers and viewers”

  1. Mike Corbin Says:

    Not really surprised. Most of the MSM can be trusted to accept things at face value rather than exercise their journalistic curiosity and ask questions.

  2. Jen Says:

    Did JK, say -send them back-.

  3. Peter Milot Says:

    Recently, Mr. Kay penned his analysis of the US government shutdown. It was basically a rip and read of the MSMedia talking points. Pretty sad state of affairs for Canada’s “conservative” newspaper in my view.

  4. Pissedoff Says:

    No wonder with lame brains like him, that the lame brained media is sinking into the sunset. No more NP.

  5. Exiled Maritimer Says:

    Rarely read J Kay, his analytically skills are shallow. I can get better insight down at the barbershop.
    And a haircut.

  6. Alain Says:

    For me the NP started its downward slide when Conrad Black left, and it just continues at a faster pace towards the bottom.

  7. E Mac Says:

    I watched the short newscast in whith the CBC spoksperson had addressed the “small” crowd and Ezra “God bless him” was polite and asked relevant question pertaining to same.
    Talk about back-peddling eh.
    Good show Ezra, and David S as well – hiding in his vehicle not wanting to answer any question.
    Check and Mate.

    E Mac

  8. Chris Says:

    Really? People still buy the National Post? Why? And who is this Jonathan Kay anyway? Sounds like a poser.

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