NDP MP uses RCMP suspicious package incident to attack Harper

don davies

If you want a perfect insight into how NDP MP Don Davies’ hateful mind works, check out this tweet he sent out after it was known that the RCMP were investigating a potentially very serious incident near the PMO:

@dondavies: Reports of suspicious man and package in PMO office – that’s Harper and a speech claiming to support consumers! #cdnpoli #ndp #can’tfoolus

Yup, that was an elected MP sending that out.

rcmp pmo incident package

Also: For more of Davies’ morbid humour, check out this earlier post on him thinking human trafficking is funny here

Update: A man has now been taken into custody (see here)

Update: 45 year old Mohamoud Jimale has now been charged with uttering threats (see here)


Star’s Delacourt loses her mind, again – says Harper is scared


There’s a bun fight going on today between PM Stephen Harper and the Ottawa Press Gallery over them being allowed into the Conservative caucus to report on Harper’s speech which of course gets the Star’s Susan Delacourt flailing and shrieking:


You might consider looking into getting yourself some psychiatric help if you seriously believe Harper is ‘fearful’ of the Media Party.

Also: For a further look into the mind of Delacourt, see my earlier post on her and Ezra Levant’s back-and-forth here

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