Star’s Delacourt loses her mind, again – says Harper is scared


There’s a bun fight going on today between PM Stephen Harper and the Ottawa Press Gallery over them being allowed into the Conservative caucus to report on Harper’s speech which of course gets the Star’s Susan Delacourt flailing and shrieking:


You might consider looking into getting yourself some psychiatric help if you seriously believe Harper is ‘fearful’ of the Media Party.

Also: For a further look into the mind of Delacourt, see my earlier post on her and Ezra Levant’s back-and-forth here


11 Responses to “Star’s Delacourt loses her mind, again – says Harper is scared”

  1. Bubba Brown Says:

    I think we have seen all this before.
    Pm Harper has been, according to the Maggot Media, “scared” of Dion, Iggnatieff, Muclair, Rae, and now Junior Trudeau.
    Did I miss anybody?
    They could phone in their response anyway.

  2. Robert Says:

    We have included this post in our ‘Around the Blog’ section at

  3. Sandra O'Reilly Says:

    Ha Ha Sun News had exclusive access and televised the whole thing live. I feel very sorry for those who cannot access it.

  4. Peter12 Says:

    This is Delacourt’s description of Liberal Ignatieff’s news conference after defeat.
    “The next morning, Ignatieff held his final news conference. I saw the other reporters hugging Peter Donolo and sobbing.”
    Who were all these reporters who were sobbing and hugging at this conference who pose in real life as non-partisan reporters? Sounds like Delacourt and her media cohorts had a complete mental breakdown on the defeat of Ignatieff and the Liberal party.

  5. Liz J Says:

    No surprise, Suzi D has been in shock and discombobulated since Martin screwed up the Liberal party by trying to outsmart the old choker Chretch. Martin succeeded in pushing him out but Chretch got him where the wool is short and sunk not only him but the LPC as well. No doubt having the Conservatives in power makes the members of the media party who were wined and dined by Liberals for years riled to distraction. They can barely contain themselves, if there’s no dirt to dish on the Harper government they’ll invent one , remember “wafergate”? How about those “robocalls” where the first one to be charged was a Liberal?

    As for the throne speech, better to read it all after the fact than watch the political spinsters dissect it to fit their anti-Harper agenda. Trudeau will be front and centre for his comment as leader of the THIRD party in the HOC.

    BTW, didn’t Delacourt write a book on Martin? Wonder if ALL Liberals bought one? Maybe another book on the same subject should be written titled The Rise and Flop of Paul Martin.

  6. bocanut Says:

    Susan’s buddy Don Burroughs must have told her that Harper is afraid.

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    This old guy would be afraid if I got between herself and the buffet, just sayin’
    Can’t move as fast I usta, she kinda looks like she has been on the fish soup regiem.

  8. Sean M Says:

    This serves as a fine example of the delusional psyche of the average “progressive”, Liberal Party media activist. Delacourt believes that the “Harper Government” should “fear” the thought overlords encrusted within the vile progressive media beast. What an arrogant telling statement, real subtle. Parliament has resumed and the media campaign to “get Harper” has also officially resumed, along with the media promotion of the dope smokin village idiot Trudumb, the media’s latest Liberal champion. I look forward to more of Justine’s “deep thoughts” on how the Government’s priority should be dealing weed and heroin, at the taxpayer’s expense of course, because, let’s face it the middle class are as obsessed with the issue of dope as the dumb boy Susan worships. What a pack of loser’s!

  9. Stan Says:

    Recoiling in horror from the sight of her pelican neck isn’t the same as fear…..

  10. wilson Says:

    Concerned about the mental health of the Libluvin media when the Prince goes down in flames…. and he will.
    In the Borg Collective what happens to one happens to all.

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