National Post’s Andrew Coyne calls Conservatives ‘indecent human beings’

Andrew Coyne

I can’t imagine any Conservative keeping their National Post subscription after seeing how their top columnist Andrew Coyne despises ‘you’ on such a personal level:

coyneThis is from the same guy who tells people to “fuck off” on Twitter and makes jokes about Luke Magnotta murder victims (see here) so we as Conservatives need no lessons from the likes of him on what it is to be “decent human beings”.

Of course Liberal-voting Coyne didn’t acknowledge this example of our humane decency which made me especially proud yesterday to be Conservative:

sheldon kennedy

Up yours Coyne.


Green’s May makes ‘joke’ about memorial dedicated to Communism’s victims


You’ll have to tell me what could possibly be going through Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s mind when she tweeted this after the Conservatives announced a memorial to be built near Parliament Hill in honour of the victims of Communist governments:

mayWatermelon: Green on the outside, red on the inside.

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