Green’s May makes ‘joke’ about memorial dedicated to Communism’s victims


You’ll have to tell me what could possibly be going through Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s mind when she tweeted this after the Conservatives announced a memorial to be built near Parliament Hill in honour of the victims of Communist governments:

mayWatermelon: Green on the outside, red on the inside.


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  1. guffman Says:

    Sad that there are people like her, saying things like that, sitting in our parliament.

  2. Jen Says:

    OT, What the Canadian media Obama lovers would not tell us- thank to the internet and twitters for announcing this message.

    Obama family ‘costs taxpayers $1.4BILLION per year’ (that’s 20 times more expensive than British Royal Family)

    Read more:

    What do you think of this Liz May

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    Lizzy, more clueless than Junior T, keeping classy as always.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Trudeau’s environment minister if he ever becomes PM

      • Pissedoff Says:

        Hopefully the people who voted her in will see what a fool she has made of them, as well as herself, and will toss her at the next election. That I believe will mean she is not eligible to live off of Canadians for the rest of her life. As no pension.

  4. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    Not to mention the pollution they are causing by always taking separate jets sometimes just hours apart to go on vacation. I think they also sent their dog on a separate plane.
    May does know better – she is highly educated – shame on her.

  5. Jen Says:

    Liz May enjoys the fruits of capitalism to insult it. She has a job, does as she pleases, flies to other countries to insult the Canadian PM as well as the Canadian public to suit her own political agenda for the betterment of her Green Agenda when in truth she lives off the resources of oilsands or oil that comes from other nations.
    North Korean innocent souls who are deprived of Freedom of Capitalism be welcome in place of Liz May.
    Liz May finds it depressing living under Capitalism well there is always NK to prep up her life.

  6. gerry from gta Says:

    As a Canadian of Ukrainian decent and a supporter of the Tribute to Liberty Monument to Victims of Communism project I find her comments very insulting. It shows her understanding of world history is extremely lacking and is of a left-leaning persuasion. I am beginning to wonder if she is also an apologist for Stalin & Mao?

    Her ignorance of history and the suffering of people under such regimes shows she is not ready for Prime Time. Her contact info is as follows:

    Elizabeth May
    Leader of the Green Party of Canada
    MP for Saanich—Gulf Islands
    Telephone: 613-996-1119
    Fax: 613-996-0850
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0A6

    She deserves a good letter criticizing her for trivializing what the Monument is trying to pay tribute to.

    If you also want to help thru a donation to the building of the Monument, please visit their website:

    Tribute to Liberty

  7. WTF Says:

    Jason Kenny gave her a great smackdown reply.

    Jason Kenney ✔ @kenneyjason
    . @ElizabethMay Perhaps that’s because no one was shot in the back while risking their lives to flee eastward over the Iron Curtain.
    12:29 AM – 17 Oct 2013

    214 Retweets 113 favorites

  8. jfa Says:

    Silly mindless cow.

  9. Sean M Says:

    Elizibeth Mao is not only dumb, she’s a liar, dis honest to her core. If she wasn’t, she’d come out of the “green” closet she cloaks herself in, for convenience, and simply admit she’s a commie from the US.

  10. Martin Says:

    Was it not May who said Canadians were stupid, than denied it even when the clip was played showing her quote. Comments like this show who the stupid one is.

  11. TangoJuliette Says:

    Re: Possible/Purported “Victims of Capitalism,” referenced above.

    At the time of the 1914, Ludlow Massacre, near Trinity Colorado, Pres. Woodrow Wilson, Col. Gov. Elias Milton Ammons, and mine owner John D. Rockefeller, were all registered s Democrats.

    Gov. Ammons had held a number of elected posts he had won running as a Republican, though leaning more and more to the left, towards the more “progressive” side of the spectrum, with each passing campaign.

    Rather than “Victims of Capitalism,” the wise money would be on the more accurate, and far more ironic label: “Victims of greedy exploitive Democrat/Progressives.”

    Niccola T: Re your comment on E May. She may indeed be highly educated, but this fact alone doesn’t necessarily mean that she knows better, or is, in some way, smarter than we mere knuckle-draggsters, any more than my spending time in a Ford plant, might automatically make me a Gran Torino.

    And : “Did You Know?” What we in the west called The Berlin Wall, the Commies called it the Anti Fascist Protective Wall/Barrier. Pretty darned effective too. Kept out lotsa fascists, and mucho kapitalisches, as well, it seems.

    As posted elsewhere – with some modifications.

    t.e. & o.e. GO! Jason Kenney!!

  12. Thucydides Says:

    What’s running through her mind?


  13. Liz J Says:

    What was she portraying in the above photo? Queen of the May perhaps?
    The woman is really not someone to be taken seriously, she makes a good side show, a political caricature.

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