CBC calls First Nations hijacking of 2 media vehicles a ‘resolved situation’

ctv truck

To the Media Party, all you have to do after fire-bombing police cars, being armed during a protest and hijacking reporters’ vehicles is hold up a feather and all is forgiven:

Two media crews had their vehicles and equipment seized by five protesters in Rexton and went to police to file a complaint. The situation was resolved and the journalists got their gear back.  (see here)

By burying and omitting details, the CBC not only excuses this extreme violence by First Nations protesters, they have now put Canadian reporters in greater future danger.

By giving a free pass to these eco-terrorists, the Media Party has now declared open-season on their front-line journos – why wouldn’t a kidnapping be ok next time?

Note: The photo of the CTV truck posted above came from a video (watch here) shot by a FN protester. Note how many people are around which puts the lie to the media angle that these hijackings were done by a small group as they obviously they had the support of the vast majority.


12 Responses to “CBC calls First Nations hijacking of 2 media vehicles a ‘resolved situation’”

  1. Liz J Says:

    If the media had a modicum of sense they’d ignore these paid terrorists, media coverage is what they require, it spurs them on, it encourages them to perform, it emboldens them.
    When people cover their faces and go out damaging property and terrorizing law abiding citizens in this country run by rule of law they need to be cuffed off to the slammer and answer to the courts. Perhaps if it’s the the eco-wackos who are funding these fat assed slackers who don’t “live off the land” but rather live off the working people of this country should be hauled up and charged as accomplices.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    There are so many things wrong with that video.

    1: The statement that there will not be any of the mainstream media allowed to report on these protests only independent, Al Jazeera ?, and APTN. Hmm talk about censorship.

    2: We won’t be bought out by any corporations. Said right after filming a women shilling for Tim Hortons with her coffee cup.

    3: A banner with Clean Up Your Mess. This banner being draped over a burned out police car. Whose mess is that?

    4: A sign that says we want clean water, and a comment about clean air. All these “wants” certainly not aided by setting police vehicles on fire thereby filling the air with toxic smoke and fumes. Not to mention the toxic water runoff going into the sewers.

    Typical enviro-hypocrisy that will not garner any commentary from the Media Party.

  3. Bec Says:

    It just shows how stupid these protesters/aka terrorists are. Let’s face it, they are attention seekers/aka whiners so why “hijack” the very thing that records their message? “Stupid”!

    For the CBC to refer to this behaviour as “resolved” is also stupid but when have they been anything but that in this last generation? They do seem to embrace the worst of the worst when it comes to criminal type behaviour and rule of law on certain causes.

  4. Doug Says:

    And that is the plain truth Liz !!

  5. Robert Connon Says:

    My idea would be to send in a JTF2 team with the simple instructions “Clean this BS up”,and let us know when you are done.

    • Sean M Says:

      Agreed… terrorism and terrorist acts should be handled by the experts. There should also be an investigation into the foreign sources funding and encouraging terrorism in Canada, those responsible should be charged, and if found guilty they should be jailed as terrorists.

      • Jen Says:

        Sean, …that’s before CBC praises those outsiders for meddling and helping the idle no more protesters to protest against Canada livelihood. CBC is no more interested in Canada progress nor interested in the Aboriginals either. All this imo is just a plot or plan to rid the cpc from power that’s all.
        If CBC was that keen of the aboriginal situation they would have told them over and over of the things the cpc has done and given to the aboriginals more than any previous liberal or con gov ever did. But, CBC……

  6. Liz J Says:

    Still, the bottom line here, these people were not “peaceful protestors”, they were armed with dangerous weaponry which included not only guns, but knives and bayonets which means they were prepared to injure or kill. Peaceful protestors do not arm themselves, this was a gathering of armed thugs, they were armed and dangerous.

  7. Jen Says:

    The media should take the heat for this; they encouraged these rioters for the purpose to hurt the fed gov which backfired onto the media when their rioters called upon foreign media to speak for them rather than call on their friends cbc ctv global. etc.


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