Actual CTV headline: “NB First Nation prepared to forgive RCMP”


The above headline worthy of the satirical news site The Onion, was seriously posted on CTV’s website to reporter Christina Commisso’s Stockholm Syndrome-story on the violent, car-jacking New Brunswick First Nation protesters:

“What the RCMP have put our people through, it’s almost horrendous, if I can say the least,” Elsipogtog First Nation Chief Aaron Sock told reporters at a news conference Monday. “But one of the things that our community does well is heal.”

“People were violated, people were humiliated and people were injured greatly by what has transpired here,” Sock told reporters. “It’s a great injustice and Canada should not stand for the use of that kind of injustice against peaceful people.” (see here)

Did Commisso keep a straight face when she wrote that along with this gem:

“One of the things that really makes me wonder is how much the federal government tends to cut programs to First Nations, yet we have a surveillance airplane,” he said. “Could you imagine how much money that is costing the government just for little old Elsipogtog,” he said.

You’ll also notice no mention of the IEDs that were found by the RCMP.

Elsipogtog protester ied

Off the top of my head, here are a few future headlines we can look forward to from CTV:

– ‘FNs willing to forgive CTV crew for leaving vehicle behind in protest area’

– ‘FN terrorist who blew arms off RCMP officer willing to forgive’

Media Party once again fanning the flames to create news and attack the Conservatives.

9 Responses to “Actual CTV headline: “NB First Nation prepared to forgive RCMP””

  1. Liz J Says:

    How disgusting is that? Their arrogance knows no bounds.

    • ianinamman Says:

      What’s more disgusting are these idiots who are impersonating professional journalists. Are they stupid, complicit or just too lazy to do a good job.

    • Sandy Says:

      Unbelievable. The intimidation worked. They wanted positive media and they got it.

    • Jen Says:

      The media supports Justin for accepting money from the Ontario aboriginals just to give a speech -money that should have gone to feed and clothed the natives yet the media are outrage of the gov for giving more money to the FN. Am I missing something here-don’t think so.
      BTW, Justin Trudeau, the media darling, not only took money from the Ontario aboriginals but he accepted money from the mental health as well as from the handicap. Where is all that money–in his bank account of course.
      The Ontario Teachers union gave money to Justin which we, the smart ones, know that that money did not come from the union big bosses own pocket but from the union dues itself which means, Justin owes the union big time money in return which we all know where it come from-from higher taxes. Still, the media goes after the cpc government. on frivolous nonsense.

      The FN will become a lost cause for the liberals and ndpq coalition government. These two government would keep the FN from asking for money since those two parties have too many other people like the unions for one to pay first before the FN ever will see a dime.

    • morri Says:

      the level of stupid knows no bounds. jeez these people need to go back to school, somewhere.

  2. Sean M Says:

    Let’s face it, the MSmedia outlets condone terrorism, depending on which tribe or group is committing the terrorism. The media and the indians justify terrorist activities by using the disintegrating over used “victim card” or the complete canard of “nationhood”. The fact is they are all on the same side, the side that wants to shut down the energy sector in Canada, just like the foreign sources who fund the terrorist actors. It’s all about weakening Canada’s economy. Terrorism and thuggery is just that, whether the terrorists and thugs are indians or not shouldn’t matter. The “reporter” is simply following orders from her boss’s at Bell Canada… she’s clearly too stupid to do anything else.

    • Jen Says:

      Donèt ever forget Mulcair and the ndp, they know how to use the aboriginals situation as plot to get more votes at the same time support FN chiefs WHO STEALS from their people.
      Socialists and unionist Muclair and his party already have the liberals around their timy finger and now they have the msm as well. It will become a battle between the libs and ndp or, unless the libs join them.
      The aboriginals who think that Mulcair or liberals will give more money than they are at the moment have a HUGH WISH awaiting.
      Mulcair duty is to and only to the unions and the stupid FN will never see that money again.

  3. Ken (Kulak) Says:

    I am not surprised that CTV would print such lies. Maybe the chief should put a sock in it.

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