NDP’s Charlie Angus says Harper “on the side of the pedophiles”

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What a complete lunatic NDP MP Charlie Angus is:

“I’m astounded as to why the federal government in 2013 would find it convenient to stand on the side of the pedophiles and sadists who brutalized these children,” New Democrat MP Charlie Angus told The Canadian Press. (see here)

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair has three choices:

1) agree with Angus

2) demand he apologize

3) remove him from critics role and possibly the NDP caucus


8 Responses to “NDP’s Charlie Angus says Harper “on the side of the pedophiles””

  1. Liz J Says:

    Mulcair will ignore this, he’s too busy trying to pin something re the Senate affair, it’s taking up all his time and all he asked about in QP today.
    As for Angus, who could take this showboat seriously? He’s the Homer Simpson of the HOC.

  2. Carole Says:

    what an idiot…but then there’s Theresa…what a pair!

  3. guffman Says:

    Didn’t Vic Toews make this exact same comment last year about the opposition if they didn’t support his internet security bill?
    It was a stupid comment then and it’s a stupid comment now from Angus. Let’s see if the media treats them both the same though (as if…).

  4. Jen Says:

    Who stood up to vote against the Aboriginal married women to get equal property rights —-THE NDP and THE LIBERALS
    Who stood up against the ANTI-TERRORIST ACT bill which the minority cpc gov under Harper re-introduced to Parliament—–THE NDP AND THE LIBERALS AND THE BLOC. Never mind the safety of Canadians they don’t count.
    Who stood by Chief Spence knowing full well she took money- OUR TAX DOLLARS that was suppose to go to her people in need of help———–THE NDP, MEDIA, LIBERALS.
    The list goes on and on.
    The NDP use the poor and desperation of those natives who need help as a way to get more votes.
    It is amazing how detailed the NDP can be reporting the expenditure of other people and corporations yet are VERY VERY Silent to their UNION PALS who take union dues from the hard working Canadians to have it spent on the NDP and UNION BIG BOSSES personal items.
    To blame this cpc for the brutality of the children is a low blow yet again his friend Chief Spence stole from her people and that is not a problem..

  5. Tim Says:

    Charlie Angus deserves a steel toed kick in the mouth.

  6. Sean M Says:

    Further proof that the NDP are full of nut cases. Angus is a viciously partisan marxist, a poverty pimp of the worst kind. He’ll get away with his latest brain fart, as progressives always do. This kind of inflammatory rhetoric is fine if you’re on the left, just don’t dare use the same rhetoric if you’re a Conservative, because if you do you will be subject to the wrath and endless “outrage” of the progressive media beast.

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