Trudeau gets a Liberal senator to investigate a Liberal senator


Does Liberal leader Justin Trudeau really think he will get away with having his Liberal Senate leader investigate the fraud allegations directed at Liberal Senator Colin Kenny?:

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has asked his Senate leadership to look into claims Liberal Sen. Colin Kenny had a former executive assistant spend about half her work time organizing his personal business — which is against Senate rules. (see here)

Nice leadership huh?

Also: See earlier post on the fraud charges made against Kenny by his former assistant here

Update: The Liberals have cleared Kenny!

By Wednesday afternoon, Cowan said he had done just that.

“He [Kenny] assured me there was no impropriety in any sense; that he wasn’t using or misusing Senate resources,” Cowan said.

“Until I have something more, I have his word for it,” Cowan added. (see here)



One of National Post’s resident Harper-haters says Conservative base will abandon him

den tandt

I have absolutely no problem with the Senate expense scandal-cards falling where they may but it’s beyond laughable when a Media Party member who pimps Justin Trudeau as the National Post’s Michael Den Tandt does, tell us what our reactions will be:

Their party’s foundation is moral, in the Prairie populist and Baptist-inflected Reform Party. Conservatives won power in 2006 on a wave of popular disillusionment with Liberal arrogance and corruption. Tory loyalists, the rock-solid 30 per cent, will never desert en masse to the Grits or New Democrats. What they may do, though, if they perceive a serious moral and ethical deficit at the top, is take a break. (see here)

Den Tandt is just another pro-Liberal columnist whose ego doesn’t fit inside his real abilities.

Seriously Media Party, keep telling us Conservatives that we are soooo upset that Harper told Duffy to repay these expenses:

Mr. Duffy accused the Prime Minister’s Office of pushing a deal on him to repay $90,000. (see here)

Quelle scandale!

When Liberal leader Justin Trudeau received all those big cheques from unions and charities for ‘speaking’ gigs and when NDP MP Pat Martin received his from these unions to pay his libel case, they were both not scandals – Duffy gets one from Wright and the world is ending. Got it…

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