One of National Post’s resident Harper-haters says Conservative base will abandon him

den tandt

I have absolutely no problem with the Senate expense scandal-cards falling where they may but it’s beyond laughable when a Media Party member who pimps Justin Trudeau as the National Post’s Michael Den Tandt does, tell us what our reactions will be:

Their party’s foundation is moral, in the Prairie populist and Baptist-inflected Reform Party. Conservatives won power in 2006 on a wave of popular disillusionment with Liberal arrogance and corruption. Tory loyalists, the rock-solid 30 per cent, will never desert en masse to the Grits or New Democrats. What they may do, though, if they perceive a serious moral and ethical deficit at the top, is take a break. (see here)

Den Tandt is just another pro-Liberal columnist whose ego doesn’t fit inside his real abilities.

Seriously Media Party, keep telling us Conservatives that we are soooo upset that Harper told Duffy to repay these expenses:

Mr. Duffy accused the Prime Minister’s Office of pushing a deal on him to repay $90,000. (see here)

Quelle scandale!

When Liberal leader Justin Trudeau received all those big cheques from unions and charities for ‘speaking’ gigs and when NDP MP Pat Martin received his from these unions to pay his libel case, they were both not scandals – Duffy gets one from Wright and the world is ending. Got it…


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  1. Liz J Says:

    Den Tandt is living a wild dream if he thinks this will hurt the true Conservative base. We as Conservatives do want to see the Senate reformed and some even agree it should even be abolished. Not much chance of either any time soon but the PM has done all he can by asking the provinces to elect their Senators and he will appoint them, however, no interest from the provinces aside from Alberta. If anything, this evolving mess with the trio of Conservative appointed Senators, might just get people to realize the PM cannot make changes alone, the Constitution would need to be opened.

  2. wilson Says:

    Gee, I thought we were just a bunch of knuckle dragging religious illiterates,
    now we are the best of the best.

    The b.s. flowing in the media is ankle deep

    • andycanuck Says:

      And in a similar vein the Star‘s free commuter rag was praising Senator Duffy just yesterday over going after Harper!

  3. RJ65 Says:

    Sorry, but it would appear so far that Harper has a lot more credibility on this matter than Duffy. As a person that supports Harper and thinks that he is the best post WWII PM that we have had, I would still vote for the Conservatives even if Duffy was proven correct (highly doubtful), simply because there is no rational alternative. I think Conservatives view of Harper would drop if Duffy is proven correct, but the shear lack of an alternative and the fear of what would happen if the Liberals win will keep the Conservative base intact.

  4. Agent Smith Says:

    Saw the headlines in National Newswatch, yeah, saying essentially Harper tells Duffy “ pay it back.”

    Couldn’t be bothered to read a single article – “ pay it back.” sez it all. Am I missing something? I can’t be bothered to dig deeper.

    I ‘spects the howls of outrage combined with the frenetic moral pile on of the media party will build to a towering, clamatic….yawn……climotic, sorry…climatic thingmabob or the other…

  5. Jen Says:

    Trudeau says QUEBEC WILL RUN CANADA.
    In the last budget before Layton died, Thomas Muclair demanded that the fed cpc issue two(2) budgets: 1 for Quebec andc
    1 for the rest of Canada.
    Both Trudeau liberals and the NDPQ owe their loyalty to and only to QUEBEC.
    The media loyalty is to the Liberals but, since the media have kept the Liberals corruption for decades from view and revelation to the public, the NDPQ are using the all those same media to keep the NDPQ corruption from the public as well.
    Before, it came easy for the media to manipulate the news to public re to the liberals corruption, thievery, Now the media have the NDPQ own corruption to deal with to cover up from the public just as they did with the liberals. If the media DARE go against the NDPQ to report against them- the NDPQ will waste no time going to the public telling them of the deliberate abuse of reporting lies and coverups of the liberals corruptions for decades.
    And, not only that, those same media have to cover up their own kind like Peter Mansbridge who took money from Parks Canada.
    There will be more corruptions and cover-ups for the leftover reporters to cover up.

    One thing for sure for the media, they will go down for the vile evil nasty reporting which they manipulated the innocent public into believing.
    Look out media YOUR FRIEND ELIZABETH MAY is another one you have to protect from all of us.

  6. Climatecriminal Says:

    and just who would that base vote for, the radical left Justin, the lunatic left Thomas or the crackpot Elizabeth?

  7. Says:

    Den Tandt’s argument is flawed.
    He assumes that the Conservative base votes mainly on moral issues, ignoring the real foundation of the party which is fiscal conservatism.
    And that no other party practices it.

    Any negative fallout from this so-called scandal will be dwarfed by the positive feedback that will be generated from Canadians finally being allowed to choose cable channels a la carte.

  8. Sean M Says:

    Den Taint has zero credibility as a “journalist”, he’s more of a justine groupie/propagandist. Den Taint seems to be confusing wishful thinking and his love for unicorns with reality. The PM tells Duffy to pay the money back, while little Justy would “absolutely” welcome back fraudster Mac Harb… huh? Den Taint and his fellow Liberal party media comrades are desperately out of touch, and just plain desperate.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    This just goes to show his arrogance and ignorance. Thinking that the Conservative base is made up solely of ex Reformers and “puritans” as he would love to call them, clearly shows he knows nothing of Canadian politics. He, along with the rest of the party, seems to find fault with Harper telling Duffy that what he did won’t be tolerated, and he should pay back the money. No the media want to hammer him day after day over $90,000 that was paid back, yet let the Ontario Liberals get off scott free after they’ve blown billions with their various scams. They’ll print stories blaming the RCMP with causing the violence in NB, yet totally ignore the fact that these native thugs are professional eco terrorists, paid for by the Michael Rockerfeller foundation.

  10. Liz J Says:

    Why the hell would this Harper hating scribbler think Conservatives would be against Harper telling a Senator he appointed to pay back the money? He knows squat about Conservatives.

  11. Greg Says:

    I think part of the reason the media wants Trudeau in is $. Between Senategate and Robocalls they have desperately tried to make big scandals from nothing. If Trudeau gets in the real scandals will practically write themselves, and for them hopefully generate interest in media reporting that has been lacking.

  12. andycanuck Says:

    The Sun (in Toronto at least) was also pushing something similar this morning. Intercourse that.

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