Trudeau gets a Liberal senator to investigate a Liberal senator


Does Liberal leader Justin Trudeau really think he will get away with having his Liberal Senate leader investigate the fraud allegations directed at Liberal Senator Colin Kenny?:

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has asked his Senate leadership to look into claims Liberal Sen. Colin Kenny had a former executive assistant spend about half her work time organizing his personal business — which is against Senate rules. (see here)

Nice leadership huh?

Also: See earlier post on the fraud charges made against Kenny by his former assistant here

Update: The Liberals have cleared Kenny!

By Wednesday afternoon, Cowan said he had done just that.

“He [Kenny] assured me there was no impropriety in any sense; that he wasn’t using or misusing Senate resources,” Cowan said.

“Until I have something more, I have his word for it,” Cowan added. (see here)



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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Met Colin Kenny on the day that the $90,000 cheque hit the news. I brought up all the problems with the Senate, although I hadn’t heard about the cheque yet, and he made a comment like, “and now can you believe Duffy with this cheque thing”. I only knew what he was talking about a short while later when I turned on the radio? It then struck me that, even though he tried to sound surprised and disappointed, he seemed like he was enjoying the whole affair and laughing at Duffy’s problems. Oh well he’ll have others talking about him now.

  2. wilson Says:

    So why hasn’t Mulcair called the RCMP in for a ‘probe’?
    He would if it was a Cons Senator.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Same reason Mulcair stayed silent for 17 years about being offered a bribe?

      • Jen Says:

        I am glad that you brought this up; the media are hoping that you will have a lapse memory to not bring up this Mulcair bribe story which the media was hoping that you will soon forget.

  3. Bec Says:

    A Liberal investigating a Liberal? The party that decided to treat victims like criminals and criminals like victims under his Daddy?
    This is called another ‘photo-op’ and ‘sound-bite’, period.

  4. Sean M Says:

    Hey, maybe little Justy can employ another Liberal crook to see if they can find the millions of taxpayer dollars the Liberals stole from the treasury while they were in power.

  5. Jen Says:

    -Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has asked his Senate leadership to look into claims Liberal Sen. Colin Kenny had a former executive assistant spend-

    Don’t be surprise that these senators go after her in such a way to force her to withdraw her statements or else the attack dog media will be sent to haunt her very soul, her family and whatever she is doing right now and or make allegation of her and her personally life like the media did to Rob Ford.

  6. Liz J Says:

    Trudeau got one to the gut from the mouth of his “star” Toronto Centre candidate. Chrystia Freeland. As she sat beside him she uttered this gem: ” It’s increasingly the case that your job prospects are correlated not with how hard you work, not how well you did at school but with the job your father had”. Ain’t that a beaut for an ad? All we need now is for Doc Carolyn Bennett to take her under her wing for a complete disaster.
    Remember too, she hasn’t won the seat yet but Justin has already chosen her as a financial adviser. Qualifications? Well she wrote a book or two about wealthy people.

  7. Jen Says:

    Just remember Justin Trudeau said that he will keep the Senate status quo as before.
    Just remember that the liberals and the NDP VOTED AGAINST SENATE REFORM BILL which the PM introduced in the HOC.
    Just remember that Judge Gomery ordered the LPC to repay the 40million dollars which they have yet to repay.
    Just remember that the media works for the lpc ndp only.

  8. Jen Says:

    “He [Kenny] assured me there was no impropriety in any sense; that he wasn’t using or misusing Senate resources,” Cowan said.

    Neither did Wallin OR MIKE DUFFY. In fact, these two REPAID the money which the MEDIA is against reporting
    In other words, The Liberal senate basically are trying to clean shop of prying eyes ears or any interference from outsiders like the conservative senators.

  9. Robert Says:

    We have added your post to our ‘Around the Blogs’ section on our website –

  10. andycanuck Says:

    Oh, my God! They’ve cleared Kenny!
    / south park
    Of course, continuing the South Park analogy, that means there are alot more Kennys to come.

    • Jen Says:

      Imagine that, no police called by the ndp to probe into the two senators; the plot thickens in the liberal party of Canada and the media.

      The liberals and the ndp voted AGAINST PMSH SENATE REFORM BILLS when he first introduced it-them in the HOC. In fact, PMSH went before the Senate in 2007 to introduce the plans he had to reform the senate. He read from a book written by a senator of the 1920s thereabout to re-quote the senator concern – that the senate needed to be reformed.
      Throughout the years PMs never took the time nor effort to follow up on reforming the senate-NOT UNTIL THIS CONSERVATIVE GOV CAME TO POWER.
      What bothers me is that, the media including the SNN never showed this video to the public.

  11. wallyj Says:

    Trudeau is such a flake. I almost hope that he sticks around until the next election just for the laughs. But unless he can get Brison and Freeland to ‘ investigate’ his travel expenses,I’m afraid that we will have another Liberal leadership convention soon. Does Pearson have any offspring?

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