Press Gallery executive committee remains silent while reporters are assaulted and threatened

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Last week we saw the Parliamentary Press Gallery officially boycott reporting on PM Stephen Harper’s speech to the Conservative caucus because cameras were only allowed inside the room yet after two incidents of assaults, threats and intimidation of reporters by New Brunswick native protesters, they have not said a word.

The first incident from 6 days ago when 3 media organizations were confronted by protesters and 2 of their vehicles hijacked was completely played-down by the Media Party (see here) and the other from today where a Sun News reporter was assaulted (watch video here) has been totally ignored.

The silence from the Ottawa Press Gallery to these threats, intimidation and assaults on reporters should send a chilling message to the rest of the journalists that they shouldn’t expect any back-up if it happens to them and it has now been declared open-season on their profession.

I’ve asked the Press Gallery’s executive committee to comment why they have not publicly condemned this violence and sent an official complaint to the RCMP, Elsipogtog First Nation and Assembly of First Nations to help protect their members.

I will update if I receive a response.


5 Responses to “Press Gallery executive committee remains silent while reporters are assaulted and threatened”

  1. guffman3 Says:

    Don’t hold your breath.

  2. ianinamman Says:

    It’s like Ezra Levant said the other night, they have been bullied and are afraid of future problems so they go out of their way to keep quiet. Laura Brown of Global, who was threatened in that incident, gushed on twitter that she was overcome with emotion when she received a heartfelt apology. It made her heart soar, or some other such crap.

  3. Sean M Says:

    The PPG are all a pack of “progressives” (marxists) which makes them incapable of individual thought, but also, cowards. Most media in this country see radical indians, whether terrorist thugs or perpetual welfare cases, as their comrades in the cultural marxist maze. Useful idiots supporting other useful idiots. To the PPG PM Harper and conservatives in general are the enemy, someone to be attacked and vilified at every turn. Indians, however, are seen by the media as useful tools in the “progressive cause”. Sun News media don’t play along with the think alike progressive media so they’re seen as a legitimate target for thuggery and intimidation, a tactic that the national media dutifully ignore and accept as justified.

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    They came for the ………….. I was silent ………in the end they will come for you Maggot Media.
    Just imagine the caterwauling if the reporters had been covering a Conservative function and been trreated like that.
    These people are thugs, pretending otherwise will make the day they go too far an even worse and more bloody confrontation JMO

    • Anonymous Says:

      You don’t have to imagine, just read Dean’s blog from the other day when he reported how they all had their knickers in a knot because only cameras, and not reporters, were allowed into the caucus meeting pre-thorone speech. You would think that it was the end of democracy as we know it.

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